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Governor Paul R. LePage

March 19, 2015

Official Photograph of Governor LePage

Radio Address: Eliminating the Income Tax Means a Pay Raise for Hardworking Mainers

March 19, 2015

Forty-six years ago Democratic Governor Ken Curtis championed a controversial state income tax. So it began; Mainer’s paychecks were raided to pay for bigger government.

Hello, this is Governor Paul LePage.

In 1969, the income tax barely survived the Legislature, and today $1.2 billion dollars is taken from hardworking Mainers through income tax.

Nearly fifty years later, we are trying to return money back to Mainers, but it’s not without a major battle. This week, Democratic Representative Adam Goode of Bangor opposed our plan saying it only benefits the rich.

However, his definition of rich is interesting. Most Maine businesses are pass through entities meaning many of those earning 400-thousand dollars are actually small businesses owners. These are the businesses that create jobs and invest these tax cuts creating career opportunities.

Also, what Rep. Goode fails to mention is that 653-thousand working Mainers pay over one billion dollars – 1.2 billion to be exact – in income taxes.

Our plan returns that money back to working Mainers. Starting next year, Mainers will receive $238 million annually back in taxes and that number increases to $300 million in four years.

Our plan helps those earning lower incomes, too. We’ve set aside $60 Million to the neediest Mainers through the Sales Tax Fairness Credit and the Property Tax Fairness Credit. These tax credits are available only to those of more limited means.

The Property Tax Fairness Credit will help Mainers with their property taxes. We’ve doubled the amount of money available to Mainers under 65 and with limited incomes. We have also tripled the amount of money available through the Homestead Exemption. This tax credit helps Mainers over 65 to lower their property taxes.

Another way we help folks with lower incomes is by providing a tax credit toward the sales tax. Those with limited incomes will be eligible for this tax credit.

For Representative Goode to claim this plan benefits the rich is an insult to Bangor residents who pay the state nearly $29 million in annual income tax. If you really look at how this plan works you will see it modernizes our tax code so the majority of Mainers are keeping what they earn.

Don’t be fooled by rhetoric. I encourage you to attend one of our upcoming town hall meetings to learn the facts.

You can also call your legislator to tell them you support eliminating the income tax. Legislators are working on the budget now and they must hear from you.

Meanwhile, remember who introduced the income tax here in Maine? Well, today former Governor Ken Curtis lives in Florida where there is zero income tax.

Thanks for listening.