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OSC Steering Committee Meeting Minutes

April 22, 2010,

Office of the State Coordinator Steering Committee Meeting Minutes 4/22/2010, 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM; Maine Medical Association, Manchester, Maine

Present: Phil Saucier, GOHPF; Julie Shackley, AHCH; Josh Cutler,MD, DHA/MQF; Rod Prior, MaineCare; Andy McLain, MMA; Katherine Pelletreau, MEAHP; Scott Greer, Deloitte; Lisa Tuttle, DHHS; Shaun Alfreds, NASHP; Mel Arsenault, DOL; Karynlee Harrington, DHA; Bob Kohl, MPCA; Edwina Ducker, ORHPC; Laura Liesen, Deloitte; Matthew Twomey, HIV Advisory Comm.; Len Bartel, MeHAF; Ralph Johnson, Franklin Mem; Kristine Ossenfort, Anthem; Tony Marple, MaineCare; Barbara Woodlee, KVCC; Wendy Wolf, MD, MeHaf; Sheena Bellows, MCLU; Alysia Melnick, MCLU

Minutes were accepted as written.

Jim provided an update on ONC grant funded HIT initiatives:

REC: HealthInfoNet was awarded a four year grant totaling $4.7 to provide technical assistance to help providers adopt and implement certified HIT for the purpose of achieving meaningful use. The $4.7 is $1 million less than requested and budgeted.

Community College Consortia: KVCC was awarded a two year grant totaling $400,000 to provide training through the community college on health information technology. Curricula and other support will be provided through the consortia from Tidewater the primary applicant of the grant.

Beacon Community Program: To date we have not heard of any announcements on whether Maine was selected as a Beacon Community program recipient.

Phil Saucier discussed the executive order that created the Office of the State Coordinator for HIT within GOHPF and formalizing the HITSC. Nominations are now being accepted for the HITSC seats identified in the executive order to be appointed by the Governor. Nominations will be accepted through April 30th.

Our strategic and operational plans, “Maine Statewide Health Information Exchange Strategic and Operational Plans” are open for public comment. Oral comments were heard by Matthew Twomey, representing the HIV Advisory Committee, Sheena Bellows, representing the Maine Civil Liberties Union, and Andy McLain, Esq, representing the Maine Medical Association. Written comments were received by the Charles Dwyer on behalf of the Maine Telehealth Collaborative. These comments are responses are summarized in a separate document.