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OSC Steering Committee Meeting Minutes

March 11, 2010,

Office of the State Coordinator Steering Committee Meeting Minutes 3/11/2010; 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM; DHHS - 35 Anthony Ave. Room F, Augusta, ME 04333

Present: Phil Saucier, GOHPF; Julie Shackley, AHCH; Dev Culver, HIN; Rod Prior, MaineCare; Kellie Miller, MMA; = Katherine Pelletreau, MEAHP; Jim Lopatosky, OIT; Lisa Tuttle, DHHS; Shaun Alfreds, NASHP; David Berkman, MaineHealth; Karynlee Harrington, DHA; Bob Kohl, MPCA; Charles Dwyer, MECDC-ORHPC

Minutes were accepted as written.

Jim provided an overview of grant activity related to the HIE/HIT work currently funded by the ONC. Maine received a $6.6 million grant of which 2/3rds will be used to fund the HIE (HealthInfoNet) and 1/3 the OSC for the next four years. The funding is authorized in three categories. 10% of total funding ($659,940) available for planning until we secure an approved ONC strategic and operational plan. At that point two streams open up, one for intrastate HIE work ($3,614,753) and another for interstate HIE (234,708). Because of HIN’s current funding, there is real danger of a cash shortage if it doesn’t have access to grant funds by mid-summer, hopefully by july 1st.To address this concern, we have spoken with ONC and are responding to the critique of our plan with an updated plan. Public comment is also being sought.

No additional information on the status of the REC, Community College Consortia, or Beacon Community Programs has been received.

Discussion was held about two requests received for representation on the HITSC. One by home health and hospice, specifically Julie Shackley, CEO of Androscoggin Home Health asked to be on the Committee and another to have a representative from the behavioral healthcare community. Both of these recommendations were endorsed by the HITSC members present with no opposition. Phil Saucier will help in formalizing these representatives through naming the positions in an executive order he is currently working on that creates the OSC and HITSC.

Charles Dwyer, Program Manager of Maine CDC’s Office of Rural Health and Primary Care presented an overview of telehealth in Maine. There was active discussion about telehealth and in interest in having Charles continue to attend HITSC meetings.

Shaun Alfreds led a discussion about the finalization of the HIT Strategic and Operational plans. The plan which has been presented on many occasions as its developed over time will not differ substantially from what the HITSC has already seen. There is significantly more information about the timeline and risk mitigation that has been added. A finalized version will be available for download on the GOHPF website. Comments are welcome and will be discussed at the next meeting of the HITSC.

Dev announced that Shaun Alfreds has been hired by HIN to be Director of Operations and will be starting at HIN on April 19th. Congratulations were extended to Shaun.