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OSC Steering Committee Meeting Minutes

January 21, 2010,

The Office of the State Coordinator Steering Committee met on 1/21/2010 from 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM at the DHHS - Anthony Ave Building in Augusta, ME. Present at that meeting, either in person or on the phone were: Lisa Tuttle; Tony Marple; Jim Lopatosky; Josh Cutler, M.D.; Shaun Alfreds; Michael Stanek; Barbara Woodlee; Phil Saucier; Karynlee Harrington; Barry Blumenfeld, M.D.; Bob Kohl; Rod Prior, M.D.

Review of ONC Funding Opportunity Announcements (FOA’s) - HIT-HIE Grant Status. Jim explained to the group a concern on slipping deadlines for the strategic planning and funding that is being affected as a result of a delay in funding. We have no definite date on the funding of the grant but speculation that we will hear anytime now. - Community College Consortia: Jim and Barbara discussed the status of the Community College Consortia to Educate Health Information Technology Professionals in Health Care program. KVCC is the state applicant for this program and was part of a multi-state application (a requirement) on two of three submissions to ONC. - Regional Extension Center: Shaun Alfreds, NASHP presented an overview of the MEREC model and highlighted the proposal for the group. The grant is in final stages of development. HIN is the applicant. - Rod Prior, M.D. reviewed work to date on the MaineCare PAPD (note, not an ONC but CMS FOA). MaineCare was awarded a PAPD that funds a planning process for how MaineCare will identify providers eligible for the Medicaid Incentive Program, manage the administrative functions, and plan out the infrastructure requirements for the work. A focus of the planning process is to develop a comprehensive overview of the current state of HIT in Maine and to plan for what the future HIT environment should include. - Jim reviewed the BEACON Community Program review process for OSC letters of support. The process was explained in a letter sent to the SC and Beacon Community Program applicants.

A review of our current strategic plan was discussed. There is anticipation that we will have our planning grants and feedback from ONC for this committee to weigh in on by next meeting.

Jim discussed a need to have a sub-committee focused on technology/ architecture be formed. Jim Lopatosky, Associate Director OIT volunteered to chair the committee.

Respectfully Submitted,

Jim Leonard, (Acting) Director OSC