An Order Regarding Maine State Government Purchasing of Paper Products from Certified Wood Sources

June 18, 2008

15 FY 08/09

WHEREAS, Maine has led the nation in the independent third-party certification of forest management and forest products procurement systems; and

WHEREAS, expanding market recognition of and demand for wood products from well-managed forest lands is essential for expanding certified forest acreage in Maine; and

WHEREAS, Maine’s forests sustain Maine’s forest products economy as well as Maine’s water, wildlife, air and recreational and aesthetic landscape resources; and

WHEREAS, paper and other forest products now are competitively supplied under many reliable certification labels; and

WHEREAS, the Division of Purchases of the Bureau of General Services within the Department of Administrative and Financial Services purchases substantial volumes of paper; and

WHEREAS, Maine state government should lead by example by procuring paper products that are certified as originating from well-managed forests:

NOW, THEREFORE, I, John E. Baldacci, Governor of the State of Maine, do hereby order the Director of the Division of Purchases to implement the Certified and Recycled Paper Procurement Policies that have been submitted to and approved by me on this date for purchasing paper products certified as produced in accordance with recognized forest land and forest products certification systems. I further order the Director of the Division of Purchases to update these policies as paper markets, paper production technologies and forest certification standards evolve so that Maine state government is purchasing, to the maximum extent feasible, paper products that are either made from recycled fiber or from wood fiber certified as originating from well-managed forests.

Consistent with this order, it is the goal of the Division of Purchases, in fiscal year 2010, to purchase 80% of its paper fiber from recycled or virgin fiber sources that are certified under a market-recognized certification system. This goal will be met through procurement procedures that require 100% certified or recycled content unless such products cannot be obtained within a 4% price premium or unless considerations of product performance, availability or safety preclude certified or recycled product at any time. These procedures will be carried out with the policy of continuous improvement to find sources that supply certified or recycled content with the best price and performance characteristics.

Effective Date

The effective date of this Executive Order is June 18, 2008.

John E. Baldacci, Governor