An Order Regarding Domestic Violence Awareness and Workplace Policies Within Departments of State Government

September 7, 2011

23 FY 11/12


WHEREAS, domestic violence is a threat to the safety of the citizens of Maine;

WHEREAS, employees and citizens of the State of Maine have a right to be safe from the harm caused by domestic violence;

WHEREAS, for more than a decade, fifty percent of the homicides in Maine involved domestic violence;

WHEREAS, domestic violence is a widespread community problem affecting thousands of Maine families that extends beyond the family and into all areas of society, including the workplace;

WHEREAS, abusers will often target victims at their workplaces, endangering the safety and affecting the productivity of victims and co-workers;

WHEREAS, the State of Maine, as an employer, is additionally affected by domestic violence in the loss of productivity, and increased health care costs, absenteeism, and employee turnover;

WHEREAS, the State of Maine recognizes that employers can be powerful allies to victims by creating a workplace that offers support, information, and resources;

WHEREAS, the State of Maine, as an employer, must provide support and assistance to employees who are victims of domestic violence and hold abusers accountable;

WHEREAS, the State of Maine has a responsibility to model a proactive response to domestic violence for other employers in the State and participate in the coordinated community response to end domestic violence; and

WHEREAS, agencies of the State of Maine have partnered with the Maine Coalition to End Domestic Violence to develop and promote workplace policies and training for State employees;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Paul R. LePage, Governor of the State of Maine, hereby order as follows:

  1. Each State agency shall issue a “Domestic Violence and the Workplace” policy (“Policy”). The Policy shall be reviewed, updated, and re-issued annually during the month of October, Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

  2. Each State agency shall incorporate in the Policy reference to:

a. the State of Maine Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action Policy; b. the State of Maine Harassment Policy; and c. the State of Maine E-Mail Usage and Management Policy.

Each State agency is also directed to review existing personnel policies and procedures to ensure they do not discriminate against victims of domestic violence and are responsive to the needs of victims of domestic violence.

  1. Each State agency shall implement the Policy via employee training delivered in partnership with the Maine Coalition to End Domestic Violence. The training shall include, at a minimum, information as to:

a. the dynamics and effects of domestic violence; b. available resources for victims and perpetrators; and c. how an employee can assist a co-worker who is experiencing or perpetrating domestic violence.

The Bureau of Human Resources will provide training support and coordinate with the Maine Coalition to End Domestic Violence to implement the Policy.

  1. Each State agency shall post, in a conspicuous location, information about domestic violence and sexual assault and available community resources.

  2. The provisions of this Executive Order are not intended to alter any existing collective bargaining agreements or to supersede applicable Federal or State law. The cost to State agencies for implementing the tasks included in this Executive Order will be used from existing resources.

  3. This Executive Order supersedes Executive Order 25 FY 04/05.

The effective date of this Executive Order is September 7, 2011.

Paul R. LePage, Governor

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