An Order Directing State Agencies to Give Priority to Maine State Armories when Renting Meeting Space

March 15, 2011

15 FY 11/12 March 15, 2011


WHEREAS, the Maine National Guard maintains armories throughout the State in order to ensure military readiness;

WHEREAS, these armories offer function space for public and private events when not in military use;

WHEREAS, the Military Bureau offers to rent these spaces to the State at favorable rates;

WHEREAS, the State should seek to maximize use of assets it already owns; and

WHEREAS, prudent stewardship of taxpayer funds requires the State to find ways to receive the greatest return on every dollar spent;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Paul R. LePage, Governor of the State of Maine, hereby order as follows:

  1. The Department of Administrative and Financial Services, Bureau of General Services shall coordinate with the Department of Defense, Veterans and Emergency Management, Military Bureau to determine the availability of space in armories that is appropriate for the needs of state departments and agencies holding meetings or activities outside of their normal locations. The Military Bureau shall distribute information regarding available space in armories to all departments and agencies.

  2. A state department or agency holding a meeting or activity outside of its normal location must give consideration to the use of any available space in an armory. The requirements of this subsection may be waived if it is concluded that another location is required by state or federal law, if an armory is not available that meets the location or facility requirements that are necessary for the meeting or activity, if an armory is not within 10 miles of the area from which the majority of the persons attending the meeting or activity will be traveling to the meeting or activity, or if an armory, including ancillary costs, such as, but not limited to, catering, sound, audio, and lighting is not otherwise the most cost-effective option.

The effective date of this Executive Order is March 15, 2011.

Paul R. LePage, Governor

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