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Governor Baldacci Applauds Passage of State Budget Revisions

March 30, 2010


AUGUSTA – Governor John E. Baldacci today released the following statement after the passage of LD 1671, “An Act Making Supplemental Appropriations and Allocations for the Expenditures of State Government.”

“Maine’s Legislature has demonstrated that it can rise above partisanship and make difficult decisions,” Governor Baldacci said. “While much of the country is torn apart by heated political rhetoric, in Maine things are different. We are able to work together – regardless of political party – to do what’s best for our people.”

“In December, when I presented my plan to close an anticipated $438 million gap in the State budget, my priorities were to align spending with revenues, make government more efficient and avoid raising taxes, while protecting the most vulnerable,” Governor Baldacci said. “In an overwhelmingly bipartisan way, members of the Maine House and Senate have approved legislation that does all of that.”

“State government will be smaller, we have made important structural changes that will reduce the cost of government going forward, and we will begin rebuilding our reserves,” Governor Baldacci said. “And we have protected our most vulnerable and provided significant support to K-12 education.”

“Today’s accomplishment would not have been possible without Democratic and Republican leaders in the House and Senate and the members of the Appropriations Committee.”

“Senate President Libby Mitchell, Speaker Hannah Pingree, Senate Republican Leader Kevin Raye, House Republican Leader Josh Tardy have demonstrated exceptional leadership and patience. Their good-faith efforts and hard work helped to make this bipartisan effort possible,” Governor Baldacci said. “I also want to again thank Sen. Bill Diamond, Rep. Emily Cain, Sen. Richard Rosen and Rep. Sawin Millett who worked together and brought forward a unanimous committee report out of Appropriations.”

“There are many difficult choices in this budget,” Governor Baldacci said. “But it will strengthen our State in the future and prepare Maine for economic recovery and growth. Working together, we have set the right course.”

The Governor will sign the bill on Wednesday. A time has not been set. More information will be made available as soon as possible. Home Privacy | Accessibility | Contact