News Release for July 14, 2017

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New I-95 Interchange Opens in Waterville

Waterville – A new Interstate 95 interchange will be opening in Waterville this Friday, July 14th.

The interchange at Exit 124 at Trafton Road in Waterville will open for vehicular traffic at approximately noon on Friday. This interchange will allow a direct access to I-95 and will help to foster business growth opportunities within the area.

The Maine Department of Transportation along with the funding partners of U.S. Department of Commerce, the Economic Development Administration, City of Waterville and Trafton Properties utilized MaineDOT’s Business Partnership Initiative (BPI) in the development and delivery of this new $5.3 million interchange.

“This is an exciting opportunity for businesses in the area to utilize this new interchange,” said MaineDOT Commissioner David Bernhardt. “The city of Waterville and surrounding communities now have a new point of access that allows an easy connection to the interstate, saving time and direct fuel costs which will positively affect their bottom line.”

Sargent Corporation began constructing the new interchange in late September of 2016. Work began with clearing, excavation, ledge removal, installation of drainage pipes along with gravel placement on both the north and southbound ramps.

MaineDOT’s Business Partnership Initiative (BPI) is a one third state, two third business/municipal demand response program, designed to respond to Municipal/Business Entity requests, such as responding to changing local transportation needs on State and State-Aid highways, developing economic opportunities, and relieving safety concerns on or adjacent to these highways. The program is designed to promote public/private partnerships between MaineDOT and municipalities, public utilities, private businesses and other entities by leveraging additional resources on a voluntary basis to match limited state resources. It will make improvements to State and State-Aid highways often utilizing more flexible project delivery methods when the nature of the highway and project allow.

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