News Release for May 2, 2016

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Paul Merrill, Public Information Officer - 207-624-3355 or 207-215-9297


I-395 Stretch Closes Friday at 8 PM

BANGOR - Representatives from the S.E. MacMillan Co. announced today that they have chosen the upcoming May 6 weekend to close a section of Interstate 395 and replace the Webster Avenue Bridge. The contractor will seal off the section of the highway between I-395’s Exit 1 and Exit 2 starting Friday at 8 PM. Conditions permitting, the contractor plans to reopen the I-395 stretch at 7 AM on Tuesday, May 10.

Immediately following the announcement, MaineDOT began conveying that message to Bangor-area motorists through advertising, variable message boards, and online announcements, which included directions to detour around the closed section.

Drivers on I-395 who want to get to I-95 should take I-395’s Exit 2 to Route 202 southbound for 3.7 miles, turn right onto Coldbrook Road, and continue to the I-95 interchange at Exit 180.

Drivers on I-95 who wish to go east via I-395 should take I-95’s Exit 180, head east on Coldbrook Road, then turn left onto Route 202 to connect with I-395 at Exit 2.

A temporary traffic signal on Coldbrook Road at the I-95 southbound off-ramp will be operating when I-395 is closed to accommodate the increased detour traffic.

Motorists leaving Main Street in Bangor for I-95 are urged to travel south on Main/Route 1A, turn right onto Western Avenue in Hampden, turn right onto Route 202, turn left onto Coldbrook Road, then continue to link with I-95 at Exit 180.

“The 57-year-old bridge must be completely replaced making this four-day interruption a worthwhile investment in another half century of travel safety,” said Wayne Frankhauser, Jr., MaineDOT’s Manager of the Urban and Federal Bridge Program.

“We are aiming to complete this project in just 83 hours — less than four days total. During that narrow window, we are asking travelers to take their time, drive safely, and help make this weekend challenge pass smoothly and easily for everyone.”

Additional Note: Summer Paving Planned for 1-395. MaineDOT also plans to pave all of I-395 including all on/off-ramps beginning in late spring. At least one lane of traffic will be maintained in each direction, and work will be limited to nighttime paving, 6 PM to 6 AM, with the exception that during the American Folk Festival and the Bangor State Fair, work will not begin before 10 PM. Some ramp closures will be required during the project, however these are limited to 10 PM to 5 AM with at least a 72-hour notice. While highway work is always weather dependent, MaineDOT estimates that all of the interchange improvements will be completed by November.