News Release for May 1, 2015

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Width Restriction for the Gut Bridge in South Bristol

South Bristol – Due to a bridge replacement project, the Gut Bridge in South Bristol will be restricted to one 10ft. lane from Tuesday, May 5th through Friday, May 29th.

There will be alternating one-way traffic with signals over the bridge.

This width restriction will mean limited access for larger vehicles traveling to and from Rutherford Island. This will be in effect 24 hours a day and is necessary to build a southeast retaining wall under the south approach roadway.

The contract to build The Gut Bridge was awarded to Cianbro Corporation, Pittsfield, Maine, on June 30, 2014. Their bid for the project came in at $10,995,622. The project includes the bridge replacement and construction of an operator’s house, new traffic warning systems, and some approach work.

The project will re-mobilize after the community weekend celebration scheduled for July 17-19. At that time, the contractor will complete preparations for installing the temporary bridge and implement the channel closure which is scheduled to begin September 10, 2015.

During the 213 days allowed for the channel closure, we will open the temporary bridge to traffic, demolish the existing bridge, construct the new bridge and remove the temporary bridge. It is anticipated that the new Gut Bridge will open to traffic in April, 2016.

After that time, work will continue, including constructing the approaches, dirt work, paving, etc. The contract completion date is November 15, 2016, though MaineDOT is optimistic that it will be completed during the summer months.

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