News Release for February 18, 2015

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MaineDOT Officially Opens 66 Industrial Drive in Augusta

Augusta – On Wednesday, February 18, Governor Paul R. LePage joined Maine Department of Transportation officials at the grand opening of 66 Industrial Drive in Augusta. This new facility will consolidate agencies performing similar work in an effort to promote resource sharing.

“This consolidation of services serves as an example of how government can operate efficiently,” said Governor LePage. “An annual savings of between $1.2 million and $1.4 million annually to the taxpayers is no small amount. I commend Commissioner Bernahrdt for the foresight of realizing true cost savings.”

The facility houses the following:


Fleet Services (flagship and headquarters for managing of MaineDOT’s heavy fleet)

MaineDOT’s Sign and Electrical Shop (manufacture and installation of MaineDOT’s highway signs and maintenance and installations of highway electrical and traffic control devices)

MaineDOT’s Region II offices (responsible for maintenance and operation of all transportation infrastructure in central and mid-coast Maine.

Department of Administrative and Financial Services (DAFS):

Office of information Services-Radio Operations (managing all mobile radios for all agencies statewide)

Central Fleet Management (managing light fleet for all state agencies)

Surplus Properties Vehicles & Heavy Equipment (managing the sale of vehicles and equipment at the end if its state service life for all agencies)

“This facility makes good sense from an operational standpoint,” said MaineDOT Commissioner David Bernhardt. “By keeping similar operations under one roof, true efficiencies are being realized. From start to finish, this just makes good business sense.”

Cost and Savings

The facility was constructed on a fast track. Construction began in May of 2014 and agencies began to move in by the end of October through December. The overall cost of the land and facility was $14 million ($2 million for the land and $12 million in earthwork and construction) with much of the funding coming from several years of personal service savings at MaineDOT.

Efficiencies gained by this consolidation include elimination of redundant services and resources, increased productivity from a modern facility, reduced equipment moves during setup/decommissioning and more efficient heating and cooling. This new facility replaces the former Fleet Services building on Capitol Street in Augusta built in 1920 by the State Highway Commission. Equipment has changed vastly in the last 95 years and that former facility was ill equipped to operate efficiently into the 21st century.

The estimated cost saving of the facility is $1.2 million to $1.4 million per year.

Facility Characteristic

The facility consists of: 40 acres with room for future expansion 19,000 sq. ft. of office space 63,500 sq. ft. of industrial space

66 Industrial Drive is now fully operational with approximately one hundred and fifty people working daily.