News Release for May 28, 2014

For more Information:
Paul Merrill, Public Information Officer - 207-624-3355 or 207-215-9297


MaineDOT to Begin Seasonal Vegitation Control

MaineDOT will begin its spraying season for control of vegetation in roadside locations the week of June 2nd. The Department uses herbicides to control unwanted vegetation as part of a comprehensive integrated approach that includes mowing, hand removal of brush, removal of trees that may present a risk to the travelling public and other practices combined to improve and maintain roadsides for safe travel. The program includes spraying brush to prevent trees from establishing and spraying guardrails and invasive weeds that restrict visibility and reduce safety.

Left unchecked, vegetation will quickly establish in road shoulders restricting proper drainage that decreases pavement life. Trees shade road surfaces in winter causing icing. Large animals become less visible when roadside vegetation is unmanaged. Finally, structures like guardrails become more difficult and dangerous to maintain if vegetation is allowed to grow around them.

For these and other reasons, managing vegetation in an integrated way that includes the periodic use of herbicides is a smart approach. We remain committed to maintaining roadsides throughout the state to provide for safe travel.