News Release for August 6, 2013

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Moose Crashes

FARMINGTON, Maine — After investigating five moose crashes over the last few days, the Franklin County Sheriff’s Department is warning motorists to be on the lookout, especially in the northern areas of the county.

There have been collisions with moose on Route 27 in Wyman Township, Route 4 in Sandy River Plantation, Route 16 in Coplin Plantation and Route 4 in Rangeley. “Those driving the roads, especially in the early morning and evening hours, are encouraged to drive with extreme caution,” Lt. David Rackliffe said. “Moose can be frightened by the sound of your approaching vehicle and run into the roadway.”

Most motor vehicle crashes with moose lead to extensive motor vehicle damage and frequently the death of the moose. No one was injured in the moose crashes in the past few days, he said. That’s not always the case. The Sheriff’s Office reminds drivers to use caution and give full attention to driving and wear their seat belt.