News Release for September 18, 2012

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National “Don’t Text and Drive Day”

Augusta – MaineDOT encourages all motorists throughout the state to join the nationwide effort in recognizing the dangers of texting and driving. National “Don’t Text and Drive Day” is Wednesday, September 19.

This national education awareness initiative encourages drivers of all ages to stop texting and driving. As texting has become more commonplace, the country has seen an increase in “text-related” crashes and fatalities. According to the USDOT, more than 100,000 crashes a year are attributed to texting and driving. 75% of teens say texting and driving is common among friends, according to a recent National Safety Council report. In addition, texting drivers are 23% more likely to be in an accident.

“As Mainers continue to drive work and go to school, I want to encourage all drivers to be safe,” says Governor Paul LePage, “Let’s all be conscious of one another and keep safety our top priority.”

On Wednesday, September 19th, variable message signs across the state will be flashing the reminder, “Don’t text and drive, it can wait” as part of this safety and awareness message.

“The bottom line is texting while driving is a danger for the operator of the vehicle and the traveling public,” says MaineDOT Commissioner David Bernhardt. “We at MaineDOT have a strict policy regarding texting while driving; it’s simply unacceptable. There can be a significant number of distractions on the roadway, and we want to be sure our employees and the customers we serve are as safe as can possibly be.”