News Release for July 26, 2012

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Maine State Ferry Service Adjusts Capacity

Rockland – On Saturday, July 28th, and sporadically throughout the summer and fall, passenger capacity on the Maine State Ferry Service route from Rockland to Vinalhaven will be diminished.

The most modern and largest vessel in the fleet, the Captain E. Frank Thompson, requires an additional one to two crew hands on board. This is a result of federal regulations through the U.S. Coast Guard under Homeland Security. Because of this security mandate, which helps to ensure the safety of all passengers, there are occasions where insufficient crew members are available for each and every run.

MaineDOT does all it can to keep the Thompson operating within these given safety standards, including using the higher classifications of Able Seaman and Captains to fill in for the additional Ordinary Seaman when needed. As we continue at attempting to meet this challenge, there will be times when the MV Everett Libby, a smaller capacity vessel, will have to take the place of the Thompson to meet the needs of Maine State Ferry customers.

Ample notification will be in place when this action needs to be taken.

It is important to remember that the number of trips will not be affected, only lowered capacity when called for.

To stay up to date on schedules and daily operations, please call the Maine State Ferry Service at 1-800-491-4883 or log on to: