News Release for February 8, 2011

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Drivers need to be alert to blindspots created by snowbanks

With the heavy snowfall throughout much of the state this year, the Maine Department of Transportation is urging motorists to use extra caution when entering roads and approaching intersections, as the unusually high snowbanks can limit a driver’s field of vision, creating dangerous situations for merging traffic.

While municipalities and MaineDOT work to lower and remove these high snowbanks, motorists need to use caution when approaching intersections and merging into oncoming traffic, due to blindspots created by the high snowbanks.

When approaching an intersection where sight lines are impaired by snowbanks, please slow down and merge carefully into any intersection, and please be alert for pedestrians. Drive carefully around pedestrians on roads that are narrowed by encroaching snowbanks. Pedestrians should also be mindful of blindspots created by the high snowbanks, and not assume drivers can see them as they enter crosswalks.