News Release for June 11, 2011

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MaineDOT posts weight restrictions on bridge in Lebanon

The Maine Department of Transportation has posted a new weight restriction of three (3) tons on the New Bridge in Lebanon, Maine. The new posted weight limit allows for passage of passenger cars and pickup trucks, but not heavier vehicles.

The New Bridge is located between Lebanon and Milton, NH, and spans the Salmon River at the southern end of Northeast Pond. The 93-foot long bridge has a wooden driving surface, supported by wooden beams and pilings. An inspection last year revealed some distress and crushing of one of the timber supports. This week’s inspection revealed further deterioration, prompting the new weight limit restriction.

Approximately 650 vehicles a day utilize the New Bridge. Vehicles over three tons should use the T.M. Wentworth Road and the Milton Bridge as a detour route to travel into New Hampshire from Lebanon.