News Release for December 17, 2010

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Pilot project to expire, 100,000-pound trucks will be off interstate and back on non-interstate roads

A one-year federal pilot project that allowed six-axle, 100,000-pound trucks on Maine’s entire Interstate Highway System expires at midnight on Friday, December 17.

The pilot program increased the weight limits on Maine’s federal highways from 80,000 pounds to 100,000 pounds during this past year. With expiration of the pilot project, weight limits will return to 80,000 pounds. The 100,000-pound limit will continue to apply on the Maine Turnpike and on Maine’s non-Interstate roadways, as it has throughout the duration of the pilot.

Governor John E. Baldacci has directed State agencies, including MaineDOT to work with the trucking industry and with affected communities to provide all the information needed to adjust to this sudden change in the law, and to let people know about any new developments as they occur.

“We’re sensitive to the sudden nature of this change,” said MaineDOT Commissioner David Cole. “We want to work with all parties to make sure this change causes the least disruption as possible.”

In addition, Governor Baldacci and Commissioner Cole will continue to work with Maine’s Congressional Delegation for federal action to increase truck weights on federal highways in Maine.