News Release for December 1, 2010

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MaineDOT and Gorham announce new Park & Ride facility is open

MaineDOT is pleased to announce that the new Gorham Park & Ride Lot is now open for public use. Located on Route 114 near the Route 22 Bypass in Gorham, the lot is easily accessible, and it contains 70 parking spaces. The lot also includes three handicapped parking spaces, five bicycle racks and is designed to accommodate bus turnarounds.

MaineDOT planned the Park & Ride lot as part of the Gorham Bypass project. MaineDOT and the town of Gorham will partner to maintain the facility. In addition, the Federal Highway Administration provided funding for the use of Light Emitting Diode (LED) lighting which is more energy efficient than traditional incandescent lighting.

The Park & Ride Lot Program is a statewide program that originated from a 1986 Transportation Needs Study to reduce congestion and air pollution, improve air quality, and reduce dependence on foreign oil. To date, there are 53 Park & Ride lots available in Maine and they provide for safe, secure and convenient commuter facilities for the traveling public. The Park & Ride program encourages carpooling, vanpooling, and use of public transportation systems such as GOMaine and Zoom, which reduces traffic congestion, improves air quality, and reduces ependence on foreign oil.

The facility is open to the general public and does provide for overnight parking, but requires permission from MaineDOT to use the facility beyond a 24 hour period. MaineDOT works in conjunction with the Maine Turnpike Authority in administering the statewide program. For more information regarding the Park & Ride Lot Program, please visit the department’s website: