News Release for September 7, 2010

For more Information:
Paul Merrill, Public Information Officer - 207-624-3355 or 207-215-9297
Martin Rooney, MaineDOT Bureau of Transportation Systems Planning - 324-3317


MaineDOT plans to discontinue Skowhegan Transportation Study

MaineDOT is discontinuing the study primarily due to a lack of design and constructions funds, as well as potential adverse economic and environmental impacts. There also was a lack of community consensus towards the project as well.

“When we began the Skowhegan Transportation Study, conditions concerning transportation planning and construction were vastly different,” said Martin Rooney, MaineDOT Bureau of Transportation Systems Planning. “Inflation in the construction industry, limited transportation funds, and a growing need for to preserve and maintain our present transportation infrastructure are among the factors that are prompting us to discontinue the study.”

Due to changes in federal highway construction funding, there was also a need for MaineDOT to secure (indentify) funding sources for the project before getting approval in the form of an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS). Given the current fiscal environment, this was not plausible.

MaineDOT will be attending the September 14, 2010 Board of Selectmen meeting at 225 Water Street in Skowhegan to discuss this effort and inform the public.