Maine CDC Health Advisories


Treatment and Prophylaxis with Antivirals Maine Stockpile Available for Uninsured and Underinsured Outpatients and Inpatients

October 31, 2009 Word  PDF
With H1N1 increasingly becoming widespread in Maine, with the disease expected to continue to expand and worsen, and with very limited vaccine supplies, it is critical that health care providers know the importance of treating and providing prophylaxis for those patients at high-risk for complications with antiviral medicines. A significant portion of the state stockpile has been available to inpatients for several months, and has now also been distributed for outpatients who do not have adequate insurance covering these medicines. It is important that people at risk for complications from influenza with symptoms or exposure have easy access to antiviral medications, especially since vaccine is in such short supply. This health advisory provides information on accessing the stockpile and the importance of treatment and prophylaxis with antiviral medications.