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Free Stuff!

Who doesn’t love free stuff?!  In this section you will find Caring About Lives (CAL) cards, a poster that you can hang up in your school, and an information booklet that can be downloaded and printed.



Bookmark (PDF)
Two young women, in partnership with the Maine Youth Action Network, created this bookmark in 2006. Its purpose is to help other young people by providing the Statewide Crisis Hotline number, helpful web sites, and other important information about suicide prevention on a multi-purpose bookmark. Bulk quantities are available by calling the Information and Resource Center - see below.


Safe Zone Poster

Safe Zone Poster(PDF)
Displaying this poster at your school helps everyone know that they are safe. For additional resources, go to the Resource Sheets for Professionals.

For Safe Zone Training contact: University of Southern Maine, Center for Sexualities and Gender Diversity and Safe Zone Project, P.O. Box 9300 Portland, ME  04104-9300, (207) 780-5767 or


CAL (Caring About Lives) Card


Caring About Lives (CAL) card (PDF) are a great resource that can be downloaded for free.  The Foxcroft Academy Suicide Prevention Project Team 2003 created the CAL Cards. The CAL Cards provide information about possible warning signs of suicide, what you can do if someone hands you the card, and a blank space for you to write in resources in your area.

The Transition Guide





The Transition Guide (PDF)was written for you, your parents/ guardians and teachers to discuss the issues that might come up and to provide some tools to ease your transition from high school.  This book is divided into sections including planning, staying healthy, signs of trouble and dangerous situations. 



Maine Suicide Information Booklet



The Maine Suicide Information Booklet (PDF) is a booklet full of information about suicide and suicide prevention. You can find facts about suicide including risk and protective factors, how to respond to suicidal behavior, and information about accessing mental health resources.



These and other materials are also available FREE from the Information Resource Center. Call or email: 1-800-499-0027 / TTY 1-800-606-0215