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What Have Youth Done?

The Maine Youth Action Network (MYAN) worked with the Maine Suicide Prevention Program from 2000-2007. During that time MYAN partnered with youth from all over the state to create products and materials and conducted research to help reduce youth suicide in our state.

Some of the results of that work include:

  • the creation of realistic role plays for Lifelines (the statewide youth suicide prevention curriculum that is used in high school health classes),
  • CAL wallet cards (Caring About Lives) that are shaped conveniently to keep information about local suicide prevention resources,
  • a prevention poster and book covers,
  • bookmarks,
  • public service announcements, and
  • research conducted by youth on where youth and adults get information on youth suicide.

MYAN is proud of the work that has been accomplished by the youth of Maine and will continue to recognize that youth input and insight into youth suicide prevention is essential to both reducing youth suicide and also increasing awareness of this important health topic.

To learn more about MYAN go to:

How to Get Involved?

The best way to become involved is to call the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI Maine), the Maine Suicide Prevention Program's training partners, at 1.800.464.5767 or It is important for adults in your school or community to have some training in suicide prevention so that if you are interested in helping to educate your peers about suicide prevention, you have their support. NAMI staff will talk to you about the steps needed to getting your school or community started in youth suicide prevention. If you are interested in helping out, give them a call.