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Male youth sittingIf you Suspect a Friend is Suicidal

If you suspect that a friend is suicidal, the three steps below may save a life. We've given an example of how to express each step, but feel free to use your own words.

  1. Show you care - listen carefully - be genuine.
    "I am concerned about you, about how you're feeling."
  2. Ask about suicide - be direct but non - confrontational.
    "Are you thinking about suicide?"
  3. Get help - do not leave the person alone.
    "You are not alone. Let me help you. Let’s call the crisis line."

Never promise to keep information about suicide a secret. It isn't tattling to get help for a friend - it's caring enough to help them find options that they haven't been able to identify. And while your friend might be angry at you at first, you'll feel better knowing that your friend is receiving help and isn't dead. Silence places you both at risk - your friend for death by suicide and you for tremendous feelings of guilt if that happens.