Gatekeeper Information

What is Gatekeeper Training?

Gatekeeper Training is a daylong program designed as a basic introduction to suicide prevention that builds intervention skills. Participants learn how to recognize suicidal behavior, how to respond and where to find help. The day provides an overview of suicide prevention.  It does not teach how to do an in-depth clinical assessment of a suicidal individual. Professional/clinical back up in support of gatekeepers is absolutely critical. While the focus is on youth, the skills learned can be applied to work with people of any age.

Gatekeeper Training is a prerequisite to attending MSPP sponsored Training-of-Trainers or Lifelines Teacher Training.

Who Should Attend?

This program is for any adult willing to learn how to recognize and respond to suicidal behavior. Anyone can learn to be a gatekeeper.

What’s In It For You?

By the end of the training, you will benefit both personally and professionally through: increased general knowledge about youth suicidal behavior, increased ability to respond to a suicidal youth with specific, basic suicide intervention skills, and increased personal confidence and ability to effectively manage the aftermath of suicidal behavior.

Topics include:

  • The nature of suicide,
  • myth/facts/attitudes,
  • risk factors,
  • warning signs,
  • responding to suicidal behavior,
  • practice of suicide intervention skills,
  • working with parents & guardians,
  • the aftermath of a suicidal event,
  • survivors of suicide,
  • the importance of self-care.

For program content related questions contact:

Carrie Horne
(207) 622-5767 / 1-800-464-5767

Or fill out our Request for Information Form.