About Suicide

This section was created to provide statistics, information, and readily available fact sheets for a variety of audiences.  The statistics provided present a picture of suicidal behavior (fatal and non-fatal) in Maine. It is important to note that suicide rates can vary greatly from year to year due to the small number of suicides each year. 

General audiences may be interested in reading the MSPP Information Booklet, while professionals will find the Gatekeeper Resource Book of great value.  School personnel are directed to the Youth Suicide Prevention, Intervention & Postvention Guidelines for assistance with developing protocols for managing suicidal behavior (all in the Reports and Documents section). And the information offered about lethal means removal cannot be overemphasized.  

MSPP believes that suicide prevention is up to all of us.  The resources provided in this section will help you to learn more about a problem that claims the lives of over 200 Maine people every year.