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The Path to Maine Lawmaking - Maine Department of the Secretary of State

Welcome to the Path to Maine Lawmaking!

Have you ever wondered how state laws are made? Have you ever questioned who made them and why?

This site will help you travel the path of Maine lawmaking - and, once you understand the principles of governance, you will become a more informed, responsible and involved citizen.

Hi, I'm Ernie!

Hey, do you want to learn more about lawmaking in Maine? Then come along with me on a cartoon journey on The Road to Maine Laws.

Also on this site you can learn how to contact the State House, write to your legislator, prepare testimony, or listen to the Legislature in session.

To test your skills, you'll have fun solving the word scrambles or playing the board games.

I sure hope you enjoy the features on this site. Send me a message and tell me what you thought about your trip on this Path to Maine Lawmaking.