Friday, Sept. 21, 2018
Contact: Kristen Schulze Muszynski
626-8404/ 441-7638

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Maine Bicentennial Commission to launch website, outreach campaign

WHO: The Maine Bicentennial Commission, chaired by Sen. William Diamond, is a group of 20 individuals representing various organizations helping to commemorate Maine’s 200th year of statehood. Chairman Diamond will be joined by Secretary of State Matthew Dunlap, State Archivist David Cheever, Maine State Chamber of Commerce President Dana F. Connors, and several other members of the commission.

WHEN: Tuesday, Oct. 2, 9:30 a.m.

WHERE: Shettleworth Gallery, Maine Historical Society, 489 Congress St., Portland

WHAT: The commission will publicly announce the bicentennial effort as “Maine200” and unveil:

  • The bicentennial’s official logo and slogan;
  • the website that will be the information resource for all bicentennial events, programs and opportunities;
  • the mission and vision statements for the bicentennial effort;
  • the social media platforms that will be active now through 2020 to keep everyone engaged in the goings-on; and the
  • bicentennial events and programs being planned.

WHY: Maine’s 200th anniversary of statehood is an important milestone that allows us to reflect on who we are as a state. We will be seeking to encourage Maine individuals and organizations to get involved by incorporating the bicentennial theme into the events, goods and services they already offer, asking Maine corporations to help “lead the way” by sponsoring bicentennial efforts, and welcoming visitors to enjoy Maine culture and identity with us. Maine’s bicentennial is a perfect time for us all to commemorate our past, celebrate our present, and take a view toward the future.