November 3, 2014
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Mailings, emails showing voter records are not from the state

AUGUSTA Several citizens have raised concerns in the past week about receiving mailers and emails from an entity called the Maine State Voter Program, which lists the persons voting history and that of some of their neighbors.
Secretary of State Matt Dunlap wants voters to be aware that this is not a state program and is not affiliated with state government.

Weve gotten an increasing number of complaints about the communications from this organization over the last week, said Dunlap. This is an entirely private organization apparently working on campaigns in Maine. We have had no communication with them and do not know who or what they are advocating for or against."

The mailings, which share citizens voting history and encourage them to vote, appear to be part of a get out the vote effort, for which some voter data is made public. Per Maine law, an organization involved in such an effort can purchase a report from the central voter registration system that includes: the voter's name, residence address, mailing address, year of birth, enrollment status, electoral districts, voter status, date of registration, date of change of the voter record if applicable, voter participation history, voter record number and any special designations indicating uniformed service voters, overseas voters or township voters. (Title 21-A: Elections)

We have consulted with the Attorney Generals office, and since we have not discerned anything illegal about their activity, there is no enforcement action we or law enforcement can undertake at this time, said Dunlap.

Any individuals who are upset may want to send a complaint letter directly to the Maine State Voter Program at P.O. Box 633, Augusta, ME 04332.