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Maine License Plates

Maine began issuing registration plates in 1905. The first and only slogan "Vacationland" appeared on the plate in 1936. Over the years, plate design and colors have changed.  All general plates and specialty plates must be approved by the Legislature. Following are samples of the plates we issue today. 

Certain plates on this page, may be purchased as SAMPLES for a fee of $5.00 per plate. Please send your request to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles, Vehicle Services Division, 29 State House Station, Augusta, Maine 04333-0029. Your check or money order should be payable to the Secretary of State. Please specify the type of plate you would like to receive and include your return address.

Note: The congressional medal of honor and gold star family plates are not available as samples.


The Chickadee plate is Maine's general issue plate. 
Previous to July 1, 1999 Maine's general issue plate displayed a red lobster on the center of the plate.

Chickadee Plate

The general issue plate is the basic design for any plate.  They are issued in a variety of classifications:  Antique Auto, Bus, Combination, Commercial, Commercial Tractor, Disability, Disability Motor Home, Farm, Hire, Horseless Carriage, Motor Home, Special Equipment and Street Rod.

Specialty plates are issued to designate a particular destinction or association and are approved by the Maine Legislature.  Specialty plates include:  

University of Maine Plate

University of Maine

Conservation Plate


Purple Heart Plate

Purple  Heart

Disabled Veteran Plate
Disabled Veteran
Disabled Veteran MC

Disabled Veteran MC

Special Veteran plate


Coach Plate
Municipal Police Plate
Municipal Police
Pearl Harbor Survivor Plate
Pearl Harbor Survivor
Firefighter Plate
Former Prisoner of War Plate
Former Prisoner of War
Sheriff Plate
State Vehicle Plate
Trailer Plate
Apportioned Plate


Lobster Plate

University of Maine Black Bear Plate
Black Bear

Disability Veteran plate
Disability Special Veteran
Wabanaki Plate
Agriculture Plate
Maine Agriculture
Support Our Troops Plate
Support Our Troops

Breast Cancer Plate

Breast Cancer

 Sportsman Plate


Congressional Medal of Honor Plate

Congressional Medal of Honor

Barbara Bush plate image

Barbara Bush

Gold Star Family plate

Gold Star Family