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Comments from you!

This is a wonderful site.  My fourth grade daughter had a report for for school on your state and the information you provide is excellent.  She enjoyed working on this report mainly because this site was so much fun.  Thank you for your hard work and wonderful creativity.
Tom, Apple Valley, MN


Hi, My name is John and I am eight years old.  My sister and I  are home schooled and we are learning about the state of Maine.  My mom found your site for kids.  It was cool!  Thank you for having a neat website.  After we study Maine we are going to try the word scramble for the Chickadee club and get a pin.
John, Altoona, PA


I've found the Kid's web site as I was searching for educational sources to present to the 75 students that I am responsible for as a team leader at my school in Maine. What a great web site, this will provide our students with the needed information to make them aware of the process and at the same time might trigger some interest in future politicians. Great job!
Blair, Classroom Teacher, ME


I am a Kindergarten teacher at an elementary school in Dallas, Texas.  Our school is featuring a NIFTY-FIFTY State emphasis this semester.  I just learned that my class will be featuring MAINE.  I have located your website and will be using the COLORING BOOK in several ways in my class.  Thank you.
Fran, Seagoville, TX


My name is Kyle I am in 5th grade at Northwestern Elementary School in Albion, Pa. I just had to do a State project on Maine and your kids page was a great help. I can't wait to visit Maine someday.
Kyle, Albion, PA


Hello,  I am SO impressed with your Maine Kids Page - I am the technology coordinator for our elementary school, and our 4th graders
study each of the states.  They need to find things such as common symbols,  famous people, etc.  When we clicked on your site, there it all was!
Cheryl, Technology Coordinator, MN


I really appreciate the Maine Kids Page.  My daughter and I are making a trip at the end of October, and have been reading the books on the book list.  We just read Keep the Lights Burning Abbie, and we would have enjoyed
a lighthouse coloring picture on the coloring pages.  This has been a great resource.  Thank you.


What a great site!  My 4th grade son came home with a list of questions he needed to answer about Maine this weekend.  After visiting your web site, we feel like pros on Maine history and facts.  Thank you!
Illinois mom


I am studying the state of Maine.  I am interested in the history of your state.  I found your web site, it is very nice.  I am doing research on Maine for a geography fair.  I needed information on your lighthouses, tourism, weather, food, famous people and businesses.  Thank you very much for helping me with my project.
Sean, Tulsa, OK


Hello there I happened upon your website quite by accident...It is wonderful and a real credit to all involved...Maine has always been a
place I have longed to visit...and now I can visit any time I want to...I am an American citizen living in Perth and I have done for most
of my life...I have visited the States but regretfully never Maine... Thank you for your information which I found to be VERY user friendly and very inspiring....Who knows one day you might see me over there....That would be really nice... All the best and Take care
Tanya, Perth, Western Australia


Hi, I visited Maine when I was 5 years old. We had a great time. We did lots of fun things. One thing I liked about the vacation was
swimming at Screw Auger Falls in Grafton Notch State Park. We swam in Roxbury Pond a lot, and had to bathe in it, because our cabin had no running water.  The only way to get fresh water to the cabin was to drive to the spring and get some. Another exciting thing I did was climb Whitecap Mountain in Andover with my family. We picked blueberries up there and the next morning we made blueberry pancakes. Yummy. We went on a whale watching boat called the Indian at Kennebunkport. We were several miles out when the boat broke down. We saw a lot of whales. We went to see the Portland Head Lighthouse. We swam in the river a lot. We also camped out at Mt. Blue State Park, and did some boating/canoeing, and swimming there.
This was my trip to Maine, and why I had fun.


I wanted to thank you for your help on my report.  I finished the project and turned in a project board, made a state float and did an oral report.  I received an A on all three of them.  Your help and your web site helped me a lot and I want to thank you very much.  I learned a lot and so did my class.
Codi, ME