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Animal Tracks

Courtesy of the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife.
Prepared by Klir Beck, revised 1975 by Cindy House

Canada Lynx track
Bobcat track
Mountain Lion track
Housecat track
Red Fox track
Dog track
Coyote track
Black bear track
Mink Tracks
Marten Tracks
Fisher Tracks
Weasel Tracks
Chipmunk Tracks
Red Squirrel Tracks
Gray Squirrel Tracks
Cottontail Tracks
Snowshoe Hare Tracks
Raccoon Tracks
Skunk Tracks
Beaver Tracks
Porcupine Tracks
Woodchuck Tracks
Otter Tracks
Muskrat Tracks
Whitetail Tracks
Moose Tracks
Pheasant Tracks
Ruffed Grouse Tracks
Bald Eagle Tracks