State of Maine

Rule Chapters for the Department of the Attorney General

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26-239: Department of Attorney General - General
26-550: Victims' Compensation Board

26  239   Department of Attorney General - General
Ch. 1     Rules for Strip Searches, Manual Mouth Searches, and Body Cavity Searches of
Ch. 2     Forfeiture Rules
Ch. 3     Standards for the Operation of Arrest Warrant Repositories
Ch. 4     Rules Governing Disposition of Forfeited Firearms
Ch. 10    Rules for Exemptions to the Ban on Flavored Cigarettes and Cigars
Ch. 100   Trade Practices in the Sale of Residential Heating Oil
Ch. 102   Trade Practices in the Sale of Urea Formaldehyde
Ch. 104   Motor Vehicle Advertising
Ch. 105   Trade Practices in the Sale of New Motor Vehicles
Ch. 106   Rules for Administering State Lemon Law Arbitration
Ch. 109   Unfair Trade Practices and Charitable Solicitations By Law
          Enforcement Officers
Ch. 200   Rules Implementing the Maine Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement

26  550   Victims' Compensation Board
Ch. 3     Rules for the Application and Decision-Making Process
Ch. 6     Rules Regarding Limitations on Compensation
Ch. 8     Rules for Sexual Assault Forensic Examinations