State of Maine

Rule Chapters for the Department of Transportation

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17-229: Department of Transportation - General
17-387: State Pilotage Commission

17  229   Department of Transportation - General
Ch. 100   Rules of Procedures for Adjudicatory Hearings
Ch. 101   Advisory Rulings
Ch. 102   Rules Regarding Debarment of Contractors
Ch. 103   Rules for the Sensible Transportation Policy Act
Ch. 104   Travel on State and State Aid Highways
Ch. 105   Rules Regarding Suspension from Bidding
Ch. 106   Rules for the Transportation Planning Incentive Program
Ch. 110   Urban Compact Area Definition Rule
Ch. 150   Rules and Regulations to Protect the Privacy of Certain Personal Information
          Contained in Payroll Records Submitted to the Department Of Transportation
Ch. 202   Regulations for Screening Junk Yards
Ch. 204   Rule Governing Outdoor Highway Lighting
Ch. 205   Rules for Administering the Maine Traveler Information Services Act
Ch. 206   Regulation for the Installation of Gas, Food, Lodging, Camping and Attractions Logo
          Signs on the Rural Portions of the Interstate Highway System
Ch. 207   Adopt-A-Highway Program Rule
Ch. 208   Rules for the Selection of Interchange and Supplemental Guide Signs
Ch. 210   Utility Accommodation Rules 
Ch. 220   Relocating Utility Facilities Underground in Federally Designated Historic
          Districts on Federal-aid Highways
Ch. 299   Highway Driveway and Entrance Rules
Ch. 300   Rules and Regulations for the Use of the Interstate Highway System
Ch. 301   Rules and Regulations for Use of U. S. Route l, Brunswick-Bath
Ch. 302   Rules Regulating the Use of Picnic and Rest Areas
Ch. 304   Criteria for Functional Reclassification of Highways
Ch. 305   Rules and Regulations Pertaining to Traffic Movement Permits
Ch. 306   Truck Size and Weight Limits on Maine's Interstate Highway System
Ch. 308   Rules to Establish Seasonal Load Restrictions on Certain State and State Aid Highways
Ch. 310   Rules for Permitting Overlimit Commercial Vehicles of Specified 
          Configurations to Travel Designated Routes
Ch. 400   Rules and Regulations for the Use of Augusta State Airport
Ch. 500   Contract Negotiations for Continued Rail Service on Lines Authorized for
Ch. 501   Rules and Regulations for Railroad Clearance
Ch. 502   Regulations Governing Illumination of Switching Leads in Railroad Yards
Ch. 600   Regulations Governing the Operation of Certain Vessels in Casco Bay
Ch. 601   Rules Relating to the Maine State Ferry Service
Ch. 602   Rules Relating to Maine State Ferry Service Tolls
Ch. 700   Transit Bonus Payment Program
Ch. 800   Autonomous Vehicle Pilot Program Rules

17  387   Maine Pilotage Commission
Ch. 1     General Rules and Regulations