Department of Health and Human Services

Chapter 301:
Food Supplement Program
(formerly Maine Food Stamp Certification Manual)

Provided by:
APA Office
Department of the Secretary of State (Maine)

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Introductory Information
GENERAL: Index, Table of Contents, Basis of Issuance/Maximum Income Limits
FS-1 and FS-100's
INTRODUCTION; GENERAL PROGRAM REQUIREMENTS / NONFINANCIAL ELIGIBILITY FACTORS: Household Concept, Resolving Questionable Citizenship Status and Verifying Alien Status, Residence and Identity, Social Security Numbers, Work Requirements, Job Quit, Able-Bodied Adults Without Dependents (ABAWD), Cooperation with State Child Support Agencies
APPLICATION PROCESS: Filing an Application, Expedited Service, Applicant/Authorized Representative, Interview Process, Verification and Documentation, Time Standards/Procedures, Approval/Denial Procedures
ASSET ELIGIBILITY STANDARDS: Maximum Allowable Assets, Asset Exclusions, Vehicles, Transfer of Assets
HOUSEHOLDS WITH SPECIAL CIRCUMSTANCES: Sponsored Aliens, Self-employment, Migrant Farm Workers and Contract Employees, Boarders, Disqualified Members, Residents of Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers or Group Living Arrangements for the Developmentally Disabled, Shelters for Battered Women and Children, Students, Categorically Eligible Households, Strikers, Non-Compliance with Other Welfare Assistance Program Requirements, Households with Special Circumstances (Lottery Winnings)
INCOME AND DEDUCTIONS: Treatment of Income, Earned Income, Unearned Income, Excluded Income, Deductions, Calculating Eligibility and Monthly Benefit, Budget Worksheet and Proration Chart
CERTIFIED HOUSEHOLDS: Changes During the Certification Period, Mass Changes, Certification Periods, Redetermination, Restoration of Lost Benefits
ADMINISTRATION PROCEDURES: Fair Hearings, Intentional Program Violation (IPV), Claims and Collections, Replacement of Coupons, Notices, Program Complaints
IEVS: Type of Information and Sources, Applicant Information, Recipient Information, Actions on Recipient Households, Use of IEVS Information.
APPENDIX: Definitions