The Sacrifices of Families

Compelling responses describe the dedication, commitment and service of entire families. The following accounts remind us of the sacrifice and honor associated with military service…and the debt we all owe these gallant and unselfish servicemen and women and the families who love them.

Many Maine voters honored brothers who represented their families in military service:

I am voting in honor of my 5 brothers: Frank, Joseph, William, George and Edward Vrba. Frank served as a Medic in Italy, Joseph in the Army Air Force in Burma, William in the Infantry in Newfoundland, and George in the Infantry in Iran. Edward served in the Infantry and was killed during the Battle of the Bulge _ he was just 21 years old. Our mother, Barbara Vrba, was a Gold Star Mother of 6 honored WWII veterans.
Jerry Vrba, Brewer
Served in the Philippines, Korea, and stateside


The term "Gold Star Mothers" applies to mothers whose sons or daughters died while in service to our country. The Gold Star symbolizes the honor and glory accorded a person for supreme sacrifice for his or her country and the devotion and pride of the family in this loved one's sacrifice. American Gold Star Mothers, Inc. was founded nationally after the First World War to "perpetuate the ideals of Americanism for which their children had so gallantly fought and died."

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Gardner L. Creamer
Gardner L. Creamer


I am voting in honor of my 3 brothers, Loring, Gardner, and Lorenzo Creamer. Loring served in the U.S. Army at home, Gardner in the U.S. Navy in the Pacific, and Lorenzo in the U.S. Air Force in Europe.
Mrs. Frances Creamer Richardson

Lorenzo C. Creamer
Lorenzo C. Creamer

I am paying tribute to my 3 brothers, Robert, James, and Steven, all of whom enlisted in the military during the Vietnam conflict. It was a time of honoring their country.

My oldest brother Robert joined the Navy and was sent to Subic Bay, Philippines, where he was a Navy photographer and flew frequent missions over Vietnam. My brother James also joined the Navy and became a boilerman on a submarine. My youngest brother, Steven, struggled to follow his brothers into military service. He was below weight requirements and made several trips to Des Moines for his physical before finally being accepted. He served in the Air Force in Thailand and then stateside.

I also honor my nephew, Dan Grant, who joined the Air Force and was stationed at Clark Air Base in the Philippines. My husband, brother, and nephew often met in the Philippines _ they were family a half a world away from home, a small town in Iowa.

Following in his father's footsteps, my husband, James Mathis, enlisted in the Navy. He was sent to Vietnam and was stationed aboard the USS Sanctuary. He served as a corpsman in the operating room where he saw the worst cases of men who would be "patched up," many with amputations, and then taken by medivac to the Philippines and elsewhere for further medical care. It was very traumatic for a young man from a small town, and it still affects him to this day.

This war had a great impact on all of our family. It seems we were always seeing one of them off or welcoming one home. Thankfully, my husband, my 3 brothers and my nephew, young men all, returned to us.

I am very proud of each one of them and grateful that they chose to serve their country during a time when it was not a popular thing to do. I have great respect for all who serve and I am grateful for the duty they feel.
Royann Mathis, West Bowdoin

The Gilbert Boys
The Gilbert Boys
Top Row: Armand, Richard and Joseph
Bottom Row: Lionel, Gerald and Alfred


I am voting in honor of the 6 Gilbert brothers, all of whom served honorably: Armand, Lionel, Alfred, Joseph, Richard, and Gerald. Armand served in the South Pacific, Lionel in Normandy, Omaha Beach, France and Germany, Alfred in the USAF in France, Germany and Okinawa, Joe in the USMC in Germany, Richard in the USMC, and Gerald in the US Army in Korea. I am the only one left.
Joseph O. Gilbert, Augusta
Served in WWII and Korea

I want to honor my 6 brothers. Emile, Julien, and Dollard served in the European Theater; Laurier and Ivan served in the Marines; Real was in the Naval Seabees in the Pacific Theater.
Richard J. Dupont, Jay


I will be voting in honor of the 4 Levesque brothers: Omer served in France during WWII; Camille served during WWII in Luzon and the Philippines; Conrad served in the Air Force in the 60's, and I was a Marine in Korea.
Josephat N. Levesque, West Paris
Served in the Marines in Korea,

Levesque brothers
Upper Left: Josephat Levesque
Upper Right: Conrad Levesque
Lower Left: Camille Levesque
Lower Right: Omer Levesque

I am proud of the military service of all of us Adams brothers: Albre A. Adams served in the Seabees in WWII; Jerome M. Adams served in the Army in WWII; Ramond S. Adams served in the Seabees in WWII, and I served in the Navy in WWII.
Herbert A. Adams, Rumford
Served in the Navy in WWII

I am voting in honor of my brothers: Aldaige, Ernest, Lionel, Albert, Leo Paul, and Robert Landry. Aldaige served in WWII; Ernest served 20 years, including duty in WWII and Korea; Lionel served 7 years in Korea; Albert served 20 years from 1948 – 1968; Leo Paul served 20 years from 1950 – 1970; and Robert served 4 years in the `60's.
Roland R. Landry, Springvale
Served in Korea


The McElravy brothers – John, Fred, Henry and William – all gave unselfishly in their country's service. Fred served 30 years in the Navy, including 2 tours in Vietnam. John and Henry served in the Navy in WWII, one for 3 years and the other for 7 years. William served for 22 years in the Marines, including 2 tours in Vietnam.
William McElravy, Searsport
Served 22 years in USMC from

McElravy brothers
Left to right: Bill Henry, John and Fred McElravy, with sister Mary Alice

I am voting in honor of the Nichols brothers; two served in the Army, one in the Navy in WWII, and another in Korea.

Donald E. Nichols, Augusta
Served in WW II, Korea, and Vietnam


Sons of Flora and Marinus Lindquist of West Enfield and later of Kennebunk, 8 of 10 brothers served in the military: Eric, Foster, Elwood, Rolfe Vernon, and Louis all served in the Army in WWII; Dean served in the Marines and Leon in the Navy in WWII; Raymond served in the Army in Vietnam and Korea and was present at the atomic bomb testing in Nevada.
June V. Cummings, Kennebunk
Emma J. Clark, Kennebunk

Lindquist brothers
Left to right: Louis, Dean, Irving, Eric,
Raymond and Robert Lindquist
Front: Foster Lindquist

Dedication to military service and commitment to country span decades and represent families' unselfish sacrifice and sense of duty, honor, and pride:

I am very proud of my son, Kevin Crowe, and my husband, Vernon Crowe, for their service to the United States. Kevin was in the Marines for 4 years and served in Desert Storm. Vernon was in the Navy for 23 years, duty that included Vietnam.

Debra Crowe, Norridgewock

Edward H. Vetter, Jr., 1971
Edward H. Vetter, Jr.

On Election Day I will be voting in honor of my grandson, Scott A. Vetter, Jr., and my son, Edward H. Vetter, Jr. Scott has served 4 years in the USAF, including the Gulf Conflict. We are proud of him.

In 1971 it was difficult to see our eldest son Edward go into the service of his country at a time when we were fighting a "conflict" in Vietnam, but we both felt that it was a duty for any one of our 5 children to serve their country. After all, his father had served in the Air Force during WWII and his grandfather in the Navy in WWI.

I feel there is not enough emphasis placed on our servicemen and how much they did and do for their country. Giving up time to serve anywhere in the world is something special to me.
Ruth Vetter, Eliot

Alvin Smart
Alvin Smart

Russell Smart, Jr.
Russell Smart, Jr.

My husband, Russell O. Smart, Sr., was in the old Army Air Corps in Panama in the 40's and was a truck driver and mechanic for all kinds of military vehicles and drove convoys night and day. My son Kenneth served in the Marines in Vietnam and in the National Guard for a total of 30 years of service. My son Russell Jr. served 26 years in the Marines and the Air Force with duty in Vietnam. My son Alvin served 20 years in the Air Force, including duty in Saudi Arabia.
Vivian T. Smart, Stockton Springs

Kenneth Smart
Kenneth Smart

Russell Smart, Sr.
Russell Smart, Sr.

We are a true military family. My great-grandfather, Edward Crowley, fought in the Indian War and was in the Army with Custer. My grandfathers, Edward Harrington and Jesse D. Russell, both served in the Army during WWI. My father, Raymond Harrington, served in WWII, Korea, and Vietnam in the Army Air Corps and the Coast Guard and retired from the Coast Guard after 24 years of service. My husband, Joseph A. Medeiros, retired from the Army after 26 years of service. They all told great stories and have been in veterans' organizations to help preserve what they fought for – freedom.
Margaret J. Medeiros, Starks

August Johnson, Jr.
August Johnson, Jr.

Eldon Johnson
Eldon Johnson

George Johnson
George Johnson

Glenn Johnson
Glenn Johnson

My grandparents had 7 sons in the service, 5 of whom served in WWII and 2 in Korea; 5 served in the Army, 1 in the Air Force and 1 in the Marines: Guy, Glenn, Ray, Eldon, Maurice, George, and August Johnson. Guy died in Germany 2 days before the war ended.

Arnold R. Caron, Old Town
U.S. Navy Retired, served from 1943-1963 in WWII, Korea, and Vietnam

Guy Johnson
Guy Johnson

Maurice Johnson
Maurice Johnson

Ray Johnson
Ray Johnson

I will proudly vote in honor of my two sons and one grandson. My son, William F. Field, has served in the Navy since 1980, my son David A. Field served in the Navy from 1984-88, and my grandson, David C. Field, has served in the Navy since 1996.
Maxine L. Field, Ellsworth


I am voting in honor of my son, Jamie Martin, USAF, who has followed his parents in military service and is proud to be military.
Dora Albritton, Princeton, LA
Served in Air Force, including duty in

Jamie Martin
Jamie Martin

Laurence G. Perkins
Laurence G. Perkins


I want to pay tribute to my mother, Alice E. Perkins, who served in the Coast Guard during WWII, and my father, Laurence G. Perkins, who served in the Navy during WWII and Korea, and my brother, Richard L. Perkins, who served in the Army during the Vietnam conflict.
Kathleen D. P. Corbin

Richard L. Perkins
Richard L. Perkins

I am proud of my husband, Elmer Dumond, and our 3 sons, Paul, Philip, and Bruce. My husband served during Korea and in Vietnam; he was a Ranger and Green Beret and received the Purple Heart and other medals for his service. All 3 sons served in the Gulf War. Paul retired as M/Sgt from the Army, Philip served in the Army and is out of the service now, and Bruce is still active duty USAF.
Ruth E. Dumond, Caribou

I am voting in honor of my husband, Harold Bourgeois, and my son, Robert Bourgeois. Harold served in the Navy during WWII and then joined the USAF and served until 1975. He was in Vietnam as was our son Robert, who served in the Navy. They are both deceased now.
Rowena M. Bourgeois, Eddington

I am voting in honor of my father, Joseph (Andre) Desrochers, and his 4 brothers. My father was the middle one of the 5 brothers, and all of them distinguished themselves in military service. My father served in the Army during WWII and is a Pearl Harbor survivor, the last surviving brother, who just passed away in October 2000. My uncle, Joseph (Arthur Henry) served in the Army during WWII and was assumed "missing in action" in 1944 or '45 while in movement to Europe. Another uncle Joseph (Julien) also served in the Army during WWII and passed away in 1956. A third uncle Joseph (Raymond) served in the Army and is also deceased. The fourth brother Joseph (Eugene Ernest) served in the Army during the Korean War, was a POW and received a Purple Heart. He passed in 1970.
Joseph A. Desrochers, Jr., Lewiston
erved in Air Force in Vietnam

My father and I represent two generations of military service. My father, Hormidas Sansoucy, served in the Army in WWII and Korea. He is nearly 85 years old now and very ill. I am proud to be one of his 7 children. I served during the Vietnam era but became disabled in 1966 protecting my country.
George Sansoucy, Biddeford
Served during Vietnam era

We represent 2 generations of military service. My father, Lt. Charles Davidson, served in the Signal Corps during WWII and Korea, and I served in the US Army Medical Corps from 1984-99.
Cynthia Davidson, D.O., Wells
Served as Captain in US Army

I am voting in honor of my daughter, Tina Marie Farris, who is on active duty with the U.S. Coast Guard stationed at Kodiak, Alaska.
Gary L. Crossman, Winterport
Retired, served from 1972-92

When I vote, I will pay tribute to my uncle, Richard Brooks Jones, who was killed in action during WWII. I also honor my father, Freeland Jones, who served in Company D, 399th Infantry Regiment of the 100th Division in the European Theater, and our son, David W. Walker, who served in the 12th Aviation Brigade at Wiesbaden Airfield in Germany.
Karen L. Walker, Veazie

I am proud of my grandson, WO1 James Dunn, whose duties require him to go to other countries to talk with other officers. He is scheduled for several more weeks of training. James was promoted to Warrant Officer in January 2001.
Norma C. Dunn, Poland


I am voting in honor of my daughter, Kimberly L. (Dunham) Planchon, who served for 10 years in the U.S. Air Force. She served two tours in South Korea, a tour in Okinawa, Japan, and at Air Force bases in the U.S.
Chester J. Dunham, Jr., Kennebunk

Kimberly L. Planchon
Kimberly L. Planchon

Additional Tributes Submitted Online

Tribute to my father and uncles, Daniel Bochantin and Lawrence, Marshall and Ralph Bochantin:

I vote in honor of my father, Daniel Bochantin, who served in the US Navy from 1954-1958. I also vote in honor of his brothers, Lawrence (US Army), Marshall (US Marine Corps) and Ralph (US Navy). They were all instilled with the values of duty, honor and country which they passed on to our family. My service in the US Navy was a direct result of their influence on my life. My children are now being taught the same values so the tradition may be continued.

Donnette Neuhaus, Manchester

Tribute to my My Family, The Watson Family:

When World War II tolled around Bill Watson of Westbrook, Maine desperately wanted to go with his friends. He was found to have a critical civilian occupation and refused the right to enlist. All of his life he regretted this fact. In 1959 his oldest daughter Mary Jeanette Watson enlisted in the WACs where she was to serve at Fort Dix for the duration of her enlistment. In 1961 Bill's two oldest sons William(Jr) and Richard voluntarily enlisted in the USMC where Richard ended up leaving the service early due to a heart condition and William went on to serve a tour of duty at Guantanamo Naval Air Station in Cuba. In 1964 Bill's youngest daughter enlisted in the WACs where she served a tour of duty at the Presidio of San Francisco and earned the status of Viet Nam era Veteran. In 1965 Bill's youngest son Edward enlisted in the Army where he served two tours of duty before leaving to help care for his mother following the death of his father. All five of these children voluntarily enlisted and served their enlistments out in time of both peace and war. They didn't have to go but chose to go in honor of their father. This is the fabric of Maine's veterans and they all deserve a hearty thank you.

L J McIntyre, Hiram

Tribute to my Father In Law, Len Rosberg:

PFC Len Rosberg (Deceased 1993) volunteered to serve his country before going onto college. His service in Europe allowed America to remain the Greatest Nation on the earth. R.I.P.

Matt Lyons, Cape Elizabeth

Tribute to my daughter & son in law, Darcia & Michael Jakubisn:

Darci has served in the Marines since June 2001. Michael has served since 1999.

Kim Thibodeau, Anson

Tribute to my Our Son, GEORGE A. PARKHILL, IV:

We are honoring our Son, Master Chief Gunner's Mate, NAVY SEAL, George A. Parkhill, IV, USN active duty from June 1976 to present date, he will retire in June, 2006 on 30 years of honorable, and dedicated service to his Country and the United States Navy. Currently, he is the OIC, U. S Navy's Desert Warfare Training Command, San Diego, CA...served two tours as Command Master Chief for SEAL TEAM ONE, and NAVY SPECIAL WARFARE COMMAND (SPECCOM) at Coronado, CA. He is our NAVY SEAL and a wonderful son, and Father of three great grandchildren, Anthony, Robert and Katie...All Great American Kids.


Tribute to my Grandfather, Alveros William Cole:

My Grandfather is missed by our whole family as every day he visited all of his children besides his daily chores and work performances. This will always be respected and we are all so blessed as he left us all with a gift of love. God Bless All. Amen...

Dunkan Vj. Samuels Cole, Portland

Tribute to my late husband, Robert Colbroth:

I am honoring my late husband Robert Colbroth who served in the marines.

Kathy Colbroth, Turner, Maine

Tribute to my Father, Austin Marden:

My Dad was a great example, and I am honored to have served as he did and his father before him.

Aaron Marden, Strong, Maine

Tribute to my Son, Aaron Marden:

I am honored that my son chose to serve his country and do his part in many parts of the world. Sometimes you just know they are a good by the way a person honors and respects their country. Proud to be an American!

Ruth Marden, Jay, Maine

Tribute to my All, All Veterans:

Not Forgotten

From the Hoorahs to the Semper-Fi’s, From the fliers in the sky to the grunts on the ground, From those who retired, to those who still fight, From those who we shed tears for to those still standing, From the Civil War to the present fight,

You are the men and women we count on, You are the soldiers who fight for those who can’t, You are the ones who return to families and loved ones, You are the ones who risk everything for our freedom.

As I stand and watch the land change from fall to winter, I’m thinking of those sleeping in ditches, I’m thinking of those at eternal peace, I’m thinking of the loved ones left behind, And I’m thinking of the children who’ll grow up without a parent.

To those who fought in every war, conflict, peace time, or secret mission, Let me say thank you and God bless. May I say it is an honor to be your friend, daughter or passing face in the crowd. May I consider it an honor to shake your hand. May I pray over your resting place and to the loved ones left behind.

Today, on Veterans Day, I salute ALL who have served and are serving. Today I say the pledge of allegiance with pride. Today I pray for those still overseas. May God bless ALL who have and are serving. Happy Veterans Day to veterans past, present and future. Happy Veterans Day to those serving today.

-Kristy Smith(Daughter of a Vietnam Veteran, a friend of retired Army, Air Force, and Marine Corp, and friend to several still serving.)

Kristy A. Smith, Cumberland

Tribute to my brother, Stephen Wood:

Thank you for your sacrifice! You are missed.

Leslie Soares, China, Maine

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