Maine Motor Vehicle Franchise Board
Board of Director's Meeting
August 10, 2005

A meeting of the Maine Motor Vehicle Franchise Board was held on Thursday August 10, 2005, in the First Floor conference room at the Bureau of Motor Vehicles, 101 Hospital Street, Augusta, Maine.

Chairman John McCurry, Esq. called the meeting to order at 9:00 am.

Roll Call:

Present: John McCurry, Carol Kontos William Dowling, Adam Lee, Nelson Carlson and Wallace Camp. John Giffune, Esq., was present on behalf of Ford; Judy Metcalf, Esq. and John Darling attended for Darling's.


  1. Board Chair McCurry opened the meeting and said the Board had assembled to vote to consider in executive session the evidence, including eight exhibits which the parties had agreed were confidential.
  2. Nelson Carlson made a motion to go in to executive session to consider the confidential exhibits and the other evidence the Board heard on June 6, 2005, and Wallace Camp seconded. Five Board members voted in favor on the motion and the Board ended the public meeting and went into executive session.
  3. Attorney Giffune asked to be heard on the record on Ford's objection to the Board deliberating in executive session. The public meeting resumed and Attorney Giffune restated Ford's position; Attorney Metcalf responded on behalf of Darling's and the meeting ended at 9:28 AM.