Civil War Sesquicentennial

This project highlights Maine people who lived during the Civil War. The stories draw on primary sources from the Maine State Archives and other historical societies and libraries around the state to document Maine’s experiences during the period from November 1860 through 1865.

Contributors to the Sesquicentennial Project.

The stories are listed in chronological order. You may do a keyword search on the right to look for a specific person, town or event (or other significant subject).

* Stories featuring pictures or documents from our collections at the Maine State Archives.

† Stories featuring pictures or documents from other historical societies, libraries or museums.

Date Person Subject Town
1860-11-23* Noah Smith Noah Smith, Votes Augusta
1860-11-30* E.W. Ryder Ryder and the Arey South Orrington
1860-12-05* William Willis Maine Electoral College Augusta
1860-12-19* Davis Tillson Tillson and Maine's Militia Rockland
1861-01-03* Israel Washburn, Jr. Israel Washburn Inaugural Orono
1861-01-11* John L. Hodsdon Hodsdon as Adjutant General Bangor
1861-01-12* William Conway William Conway Loyal to Flag Camden
1861-01-15* Warren H. Vinton Maine's Loyalty Laws Gray
1861-02-01 Horatio King Horatio King Appointed as Postmaster General Paris
1861-02-07* Israel Washburn Washington Peace Conference Augusta
1861-02-13* James G. Blaine Review of Personal Liberty Laws Augusta
1861-02-18 John Wilkes Booth John Wilkes Booth in Portland Portland
1861-03-04* Hannibal Hamlin Hannibal Hamlin Inauguration Ellsworth
1861-03-08 Francis O.J. Smith Newspapers Review Inaugural Portland
1861-03-20* William Tobey Disbanding Militia Unit Kittery Point
1861-04-03* John Albion Andrew Andrew Political and Military Service Windham
1861-04-12* Andrew Tarbox Samuel Tarbox Leaves South Carolina Bath
1861-04-13* Robert Anderson Robert Anderson at Fort Sumter Augusta
1861-04-19* Addison O. Whitney Sumner H. Needham Baltimore Riots Bethel, Belmont
1861-04-20* George H. Nye Nye Advances Through the Ranks Lewiston
1861-04-22* Israel Washburn Amending Militia Law Augusta
1861-04-23* Elijah Walker Elijah Walker and the 4th Maine Rockland
1861-04-23* Mark F. Wentworth Wentworth Claims to be Ready Kittery
1861-04-24 William Knowlton 1st Maine Receives Donation Lewiston
1861-04-24* William H. McCrillis Female Nurses Resolve Bangor
1861-04-27* Louise M. Davidson Davidson Encloses $20 for Light Brigade Augusta
1861-04-29* Alonzo Garcelon Garcelon as Top Doctor Lewiston
1861-04-30†* John French John French Enlists Lewiston
1861-05-01* Nathaniel J. Jackson 1st Maine Requires a Quartermaster Lewiston
1861-05-06* George W. Dyer Dyer and Guns Calais
1861-05-08 Jabez Rich Jabez Rich North Windham
1861-05-13* Benjamin Butler Butler Declares Martial Law in Baltimore Waterville
1861-05-15* James M. Ball James Ball Feeds the 2nd Maine Portland
1861-05-17* William G. Thompson Navy Veteran Volunteers Bristol
1861-05-20* Zebulon Weston Engineers and West Point Harrison
1861-05-21 Alonzo Garcelon Garcelon and Measles Lewiston
1861-05-27* Benjamin Butler Butler Refuses to Return Runaway Slaves Waterville
1861-06-01* Oliver O. Howard Howard Commands the 3rd Maine Leeds
1861-06-02* Henry Dunlap Dunlap Speaks to 1st Maine Brunswick
1861-06-06* Silas Sprague Officers Skimming Pay Troy
1861-06-12* William S. Dodge Ambulance Portland
1861-06-14* Horace Wright Horace Wright Letter Home Auburn
1861-06-26* William S. Dodge Pay and Politics Portland
1861-07-02* TJ Woods Woods and the Regiment Band Mt. Vernon
1861-07-03†* John French John French sees Lincoln Lewiston
1861-07-21* Robert H. Gray Robert H. Gray, Bull Run Stockton
1861-07-21* George W. Dyer Dyer at Bull Run Calais
1861-07-24 Mark Dunnell 5th Maine Loses All Portland
1861-07-24* Thomas A. Roberts Welcoming 1st Maine Home Portland
1861-07-25†* John French John French Horrors of Bull Run Lewiston
1861-07-28* George W. Dyer Dyer on Incompetence Calais
1861-07-28* Henry H. Rice Henry Rice Wants His Bounty Lewiston
1861-07-29* Jeremiah Fenno Jeremiah Fenno, Bands Bangor
1861-07-31* Horace T. Robbins Robbins Canteens from Lewiston Lewiston
1861-08-10* Cyrus Wormell Wormell Requests Pay Bethel
1861-08-17* Albion Witham Witham's Broken Promise Portland
1861-08-17* Frederick Law Olmsted Sanitary Commission Report, Soldiers Not Fit Augusta
1861-08-19* F. M. Eveleth Eveleth Accepted as Surgeon Presque Isle
1861-08-20* Israel Washburn Washburn Renames the 1st Maine Augusta
1861-08-29* Amasa Grant Samuel Grant Forbids His Son From Leaving for War Hermon
1861-08-30* Robert Elliot Robert Elliot Arrest and Confinement Freedom
1861-08-31 Charles H. Boyd Southern Ship Captured Down East Eastport
1861-08-31* Christopher B. Martin Christopher B. Martin, Parolee Belfast
1861-09-04* Hiram Berdan Hiram Berdan's Maine Sharp Shooters Weehawken, New Jersey
1861-09-16* Manderville T. Ludden Parades in Turner Turner
1861-09-17* Theodore Hill 1861-9-17 Theodore Hill's Remedy West Waterville
1861-09-18* Solomon S. Kenney Kenney Pro Multis Pay South Paris
1861-09-21* James Fessenden James Fessendan Can Find No Good Shots Portland
1861-09-26* Benjamin Butler Butler Enlists Democrats Waterville
1861-09-28* Neal Dow Neal Dow, Famed Reformer Portland
1861-10-03* John L. Hodsdon Ad for Horses, 1st Maine Cavalry Augusta
1861-10-10* Ruel Philbrook Philbrook Duck Cloth Camden
1861-10-11* Neal Dow Neal Dow Wants Shoes Portland
1861-10-14* Neal Dow Army Caps and Young Sam Fessenden Portland
1861-10-16† Benjamin Bates Bates Mill Stockpiles Cotton Lewiston
1861-10-17* Stephen Larrabee USS Katahdin Leaves Bath Bath
1861-10-20* Henry Boynton Boynton Complains About Incompetent Drilling Livermore
1861-10-21* Neal Dow Neal Dow Wants a Company of Sharpshooters, Plus Artillery Portland
1861-10-23 Israel Washburn Israel Washburn Coastal Defense Augusta
1861-10-24* Neal Dow Still Agitating About Sharpshooters Portland
1861-10-25* George Leppien George F. Leppien, 5th Maine Battery Augusta
1861-10-28* Neal Dow Dow Expounds on the Role of Artillery Portland
1861-10-30* Margaret Tinkham Peabody Ladies Making Socks in Eastport Eastport
1861-11-06* Eli Dewhurst World's Fair Request Pembroke
1861-11-07 Neal Dow Personal Requirements Portland
1861-11-07* George Shepley Shepley Commands the 12th Maine Saco
1861-11-12* Isaiah Hanscom Launch of Ossipee Kittery Kittery
1861-11-12* George L. Beal Shoddy Norway
1861-11-16* James N. Atwood Atwood Seeks Position as Sutler Frankfort
1861-12-03* John C. Caldwell 11th Maine Travels to Washington East Machias
1861-12-07* Richard H. Tucker, Jr. Wiscasset Offers Shipping Wiscasset
1861-12-11† Mary Neowarth Employment at Bates Mill Lewiston
1861-12-12* E. K. Harding Order for Drums Bath
1861-12-13* Henry Rust, Jr. Dow's Regiment in Camp at Augusta Norway
1861-12-14* John L. Hodsdon Hodsdon's Annual Report Augusta
1861-12-18 Enoch Hoyt Hoyt Fights for Freedom Richmond
1861-12-20* Charles Doak Doak's Civil War Christmas Bucksport
1861-12-25* James Fessendan Unfortunate Soldiers Sadly Sold Portland
1861-12-28 John A. Poor John Poor on Coastal Defense Bangor
1862-01-03* Thomas Hollis Blankets for Troops Dead River
1862-01-08* Walter Phelps Trent Affair Canada West
1862-01-13* Rishworth Rich Rishworth Rich Regimental Flags Portland
1862-01-28†* John French John French, Camp Punishments Lewiston
1862-01-29* Hiram Favor Canadians Enlisting in Eastport Eastport
1862-02-10* Wilson J. Moore Loafing and Getting Drunk Unity
1862-02-10* Jackson Van Buren Darling Darlings Desertion Franklin
1862-02-14* Charles H. True Newspapers and the 1st Maine Brownfield
1862-02-19 Jean Eaton Kents Hill Pastor's Wife Kents Hill
1862-02-21 Nathaniel Gordon Nathaniel Gordon Executed Portland
1862-03-17* Freeman J. Gurney 1st Maine Cavalry, horse falls Leeds
1862-03-27* Neal Dow Neal Dow Arrives in Deepest Dixie Portland
1862-04-05 Neal Dow Dow on Ship Island - Drunks & Ben Butler, Part 2 Portland
1862-04-05* George Bradbury George Bradbury and Camp Misery New Sharon
1862-04-05* Neal Dow Dow on Ship Island - Drunks & Ben Butler Pt 1 Portland
1862-04-10* William M. McArthur Bombard Fort Pulaski Limington
1862-04-21* John Dutton John Dutton's Sling Parkman
1862-05-02 Edward Thompson Edward Thompson in New Orleans Brunswick
1862-05-03* Frederick Speed Neal Dow's Regiment Has No Pants Gorham
1862-05-05* Edwin C. Mason 7th Maine at Williamsburg Portland
1862-05-10* Cynthia Averill Cynthia Averill Volunteers as a Nurse Waterville
1862-05-15* Benjamin Butler Ben Butler New Orleans Women Waterville
1862-05-30* Abner Small Abner Small Shirts Waterville
1862-05-31 William Rice William Rice Rallies to Fight Ellsworth
1862-05-31* Harris Plaisted Harris Plaisted at Seven Pines Bangor
1862-05-31* Frank W. Haskell Frank Haskell Benton
1862-06-01* Oliver O. Howard Oliver O. Howard Loses an Arm Leeds
1862-06-11* Israel Washburn Governor Washburn Questions Stanton Augusta
1862-06-15* Joseph Wilson JB Wilson of Balloon Corps Belfast
1862-06-21* Daniel Marston Recruiting Poster Phillips
1862-06-30* Hovey Austin Recruiting Difficulties in Presque Isle Presque Isle
1862-07-08* Erasmus Darwin Keyes Erasmus Darwin Keyes Hallowell
1862-07-10* Sarah S. Sampson Sarah Sampson on Gunboat Bath
1862-07-14* Joshua Chamberlain Joshua Chamberlain Volunteers Brewer
1862-07-17* A. R. Dyer Pacifists Harmony
1862-07-21* Manson Woodman Woodman and Drums Farmington Falls
1862-08-01* Augustus Stevens Absent Soldiers Blue Hill
1862-08-05 Frank Nickerson Nickerson at Baton Rouge Searsport
1862-08-05* Joseph P. French Joseph French at Baton Rouge Bucksport
1862-08-07* John H. Gilman Agents Hunt Deserters Sebec
1862-08-09* Thomas E. Crowell Crowell Deserts Lisbon
1862-08-14* William Doughty Escaping the Draft Harpswell
1862-08-14* Horace and Lyman Wright Family Serving in Same Company Auburn
1862-08-16* George W. Bartlett Fighting Minister at Baton Rouge Augusta
1862-08-22* Gilman J. Page (and others) Agents and the Missing Augusta
1862-08-25* Benjamin L. Staples Draft in Aroostook County Houlton
1862-08-27* Isaac Dyer 15th Maine - Filth and Offscouring of All Creation Skowhegan
1862-08-27* Eugene Sanger Surgeon Sanger Runs Afoul of General Butler Bangor
1862-08-29* Alfred Merrill Quota Concerns, Merrill West Falmouth
1862-08-30* Samuel Fessenden Fessenden Dies at Bull Run Portland
1862-09-01* Charles B. Merrill Transporting of 17th Maine to the War Portland
1862-09-01* Ira Fisk Quota Concerns Patten
1862-09-02* Lemuel Jenkins Lemuel Jenkins and the War of 1812 Temple
1862-09-02* William H. Jackson Oriental Powder South Windham
1862-09-03* Charles A. Foster Bounties in Falmouth Falmouth
1862-09-09* William A. Rust Medical Exams with Dr. Rust South Paris
1862-09-10* Francis Thibodeau Thibideau Grand Isle French Grand Isle Plantation
1862-09-17* Thomas Hyde Thomas Hyde and the 7th Maine Bath
1862-09-20* Jeremiah Bartlett Nests of Secessionists Lockes Mills
1862-09-24* Israel Washburn Loyal Governor's Conference Augusta
1862-10-01* Daniel Decker Decker's Age and Draft Exemption Kingsbury
1862-10-02* Francis A. D. Singhi Francis Singhi Writes on Behalf of His Son Rockland
1862-10-03 Asa Turner Asa Turner Trial Brooklin
1862-10-07* Charles F. Stone Stone Signal Corps Machias
1862-10-07* Charles W. Tilden Want of Supplies, Tilden Castine
1862-10-10* Isabella Fogg Fogg Works for the Maine Agency Calais
1862-10-14* Abigail Ramsdell The Ladies of Cutler Cutler
1862-10-15* J. W. Hathaway Maine Soldiers' Relief Agency Statewide
1862-10-17†* James Nash Nash Commissioned Livermore
1862-10-22* Eugene Sanger Dr. Sanger Frustrated and Trapped Bangor
1862-10-29* J.E. Mills Allen Mills in Hospitals Vassalboro
1862-11-07 Charles D. Jameson Jameson Dies at Home Old Town
1862-11-07 Neal Dow Neal Dow at Pensacola Portland
1862-11-08* W.W. Carter Bruising the Rattlesnakes's Head Baltimore, Maryland
1862-11-09* Harrison Huckins Huckins Prisoner Savages Station Eastport
1862-11-11* Isaac Dyer The 15th Maine Gets a New Flag Skowhegan
1862-11-14* Edward Scamman Scamman Moving the 5th Maine South Portland
1862-11-16* Calvin Douty 1st ME Cavalry Orderlies, Cattle Drivers & Errand Boys Dover
1862-11-18* George W. Dyer Dyer on Burnside Calais
1862-11-19* Samuel Libbey Libbey and Orono's Honor Orono
1862-11-22* Henry G. Rust, Jr. Rust Threatens for Pay Norway
1862-11-23* Horace Wright Horace Wright Views on McClellan Lewiston
1862-12-05* George W. Dyer George Dyer Reflections Downeast Calais
1862-12-08* George Dyer Dyer Snowed In Calais
1862-12-23* Charles Tilden Tilden at Fredricksburg Castine
1862-12-30* Moses B. Lakeman 3rd Maine Regimental Flag Augusta
1863-01-05* Henry W. Cunningham Cunningham at Fredricksburg Belfast
1863-01-10* George Knox Knox Delivers Allotments Lewiston
1863-01-15* Orsamus Symonds Orsamus Symonds and "some of the facts in regard this war" Casco/Falmouth
1863-01-16 Rufus Crockett Crockett Asks for Promotion Augusta
1863-01-30* Hannibal Belcher Duties of the Governor Farmington
1863-02-03* Nathaniel K. Sawyer Photography and Ambrotypes Ellsworth
1863-02-17* William D. Sweetser Sweetser and the Adjutant General's Report Cumberland Center
1863-02-24* William Wirt Virgin William Wirt Virgin and Martial Law Norway
1863-03-03* Anonymous National Draft Buckfield
1863-03-13* Frederick Farr Frederick Farr of London & Portland Portland
1863-04-13* Charles B. Merrill Getting Ready for a Battle Portland
1863-04-17 Alonzo G. Frost Alonzo Frost Typhoid Lisbon
1863-04-18* Samuel D. Bowker SD Bowker Declines Chaplain's Commission Biddeford
1863-05-01* Charles B. Merrill 17th Maine at Chancellorsville Portland
1863-05-05* Moses B. Lakeman Lakeman at Chancellorsville Augusta
1863-05-17 George W. Dyer Dyer, Federal Paymaster Calais
1863-05-20* George F. Moulton Pressed Violets/Chancellorsville Portland
1863-05-21* Daniel Cummings Daniel Cummings Letter Home Portland
1863-05-25* Joshua L. Chamberlain Chamberlain and the Mutineers Brunswick
1863-05-27* John F. Appleton John Appleton's Bravery Bangor
1863-06-17* William O. Howe Battle of Aldie Lewiston
1863-06-18 Calvin Douty Douty Dies at Aldie Dover
1863-06-20 John F. Libbey Libbey Letter on Parolee West Waterville
1863-06-20* Jonathan P. Cilley Cilley Avenging His Father's Death Thomaston
1863-06-28* Mark F. Wentworth Medals of Honor Kittery
1863-07-01 Elijah Walker 4th Maine at Gettysburg Rockland
1863-07-01* Abner R. Small Abner Small at Gettysburg Waterville
1863-07-02* Joshua L. Chamberlain 20th Maine at Gettysburg Brunswick
1863-07-02* Francis E. Heath 19th Maine at Gettysburg Waterville
1863-07-02* Moses Lakeman Lakeman at Gettysburg Augusta
1863-07-02* John Coburn Keen John Keen Dies at Gettysburg Leeds
1863-07-02* John F. Chase John F. Chase, Survivor Augusta
1863-07-03* Charles H. Smith 1st Maine Cavalry at Gettysburg Eastport
1863-07-03* Edward N. Whittier 5th Maine Battery at Gettysburg Gorham
1863-07-05* Charles B. Merrill 17th Maine at Gettysburg Portland
1863-07-08* Christopher C. Hayes C. C. Hayes Labors in Gettysburg Field Hospitals Portland
1863-07-11* James A. Hall Hall at Gettysburg - Day 1 Damariscotta
1863-07-11* George W. Dyer Dyer on Gettysburg Calais
1863-07-14* James G. Blaine Blaine Called in Draft Augusta
1863-07-17* Arch D. Leavitt 16th Maine at Gettysburg Turner
1863-07-21* Jacob McClure Co. D US Sharpshooters at Gettysburg Rockland
1863-07-21* Samuel Carleton Sons of Temperance Portland
1863-07-21* Alfred Merrill Orderly Sergeant, Paying of Bills Falmouth
1863-08-03* Adelbert B. Twitchell Adelbert B. Twetchell, 5th ME Battery Bethel
1863-08-04* Charles H. Cobb Charles Cobb Pension Questions Danville
1863-08-10* Sabine Emery 9th Maine Assaults Fort Wagner Eastport
1863-08-29* Aaron Winslow Aaron Winslow and State Aid in Greene Greene
1863-08-31* Charles P. Mattocks Solicitous Friends of Charley Mattocks Portland
1863-09-15* Sarah Sampson Sarah Sampson at Gettysburg Bath
1863-10-16* George W. Dyer Dyer Rides with the Cavalry Calais
1863-10-18* Thomas Chalkley James Bailey Thomas Bailey Counts Soldiers Portland
1863-10-23* John Hodsdon Veterans and the Draft Augusta
1863-10-27* Joel Cloudman Cloudman - 1st DC Cavalry Stetson
1863-11-09* Clark S. Edwards The 5th Maine Surprises the Rebels Bethel
1863-11-15* Sarah S. Sampson Sarah Sampson Disgusted Bath
1863-11-16* Horatio Nelson Young Young and the USS Lehigh Calais
1863-12-03* George W. West 17th Maine at Orange Grove Fort Kent
1863-12-05* Abner Coburn Coburn and Dead Oglesbury Skowhegan
1863-12-25* Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Longfellow Christmas Portland
1864- 9-30* George Granger 9th Maine in a Horrid Charge Calais
1864-01-07* Charles R. Goodwin Private Goodwin Resists the Invalid Corps Mariaville
1864-01-18* Charles P. Mattocks Mattocks on Not Promoting Gookin Portland
1864-01-29* Joseph Paradis Joseph Paradis of Quebec, Maine Soldier Portland/Quebec
1864-03-15* Elijah Walker Colonel Walker Speaks His Mind Rockland
1864-03-16* Edward Ballard Keene Edward Ballard Keene in the Navy Augusta
1864-03-20* Charles P. Mattocks Mattocks as Prisoner Portland
1864-04-08 John M. Gould A Loyal Comrade Norway
1864-04-13* John A. Peters Attorney General Peters on Bounties & Quotas Bangor
1864-04-16 John A. Peters Attorney General Peters on Matters Great and Small Bangor
1864-04-23* Thomas Hamlin Hubbard Thomas Hubbard and the 30th Maine Hallowell
1864-05-03* Selden Connor Selden Connor in the Wilderness Fairfield
1864-05-05* Henry L. Whitcomb Who Gets George's Bounty Farmington
1864-05-10* Charles R. Delano Grant Refuses to Retreat Turner
1864-05-17* Charles P. Roberts Bangor Schoolboy Training Bangor
1864-06-02* George Bartlett Chaplain Bartlett Dies in Battle Augusta
1864-06-22* Hannibal Hamlin Hannibal Hamlin, Re-fortification Project Hampden
1864-07-05* Charles D. Gilmore Chamberlain Severely Wounded Bangor
1864-07-06 J.Q. Howard Confederates at Calais St. John, New Brunswick
1864-07-07* Elijah Shaw Survivor's Guilt Lewiston
1864-07-07* James Parnell Jones Quaker Soldier China
1864-07-10† Josiah Pulsifer Josiah Pulsifer Paymaster Auburn
1864-07-20* John Hodsdon Hodsdon Requests CDVs Augusta
1864-07-30 John P. French French Recruits for Montville Palermo
1864-07-31 Horatio Barber Horatio Barber's Death Benefit Calais
1864-08-02 Christopher C. Hayes C. C. Hayes and Censorship Portland
1864-08-05* James Alden James Alden Jr. at the Battle of Mobile Bay Portland
1864-08-16* William Stanley William Stanley Attempts to Locate his Son Lovell
1864-08-25* Samuel Cony Cony, Lincoln and the Sabine Augusta
1864-09-22 Edward N. Whittier Whittier at Fisher's Hall Gorham
1864-10-02* Edgar B. Davis 2nd Maine Cavalry - Disaster at Mariana Belfast
1864-10-19* Louis (Peter) Pierre Native Americans Serving in Union Army Solon
1864-10-20* Mary Bowen Barrancus Hospital & 2nd Maine Cavalry Perry
1864-10-27 Albert Tracy Tracy Volunteers to be Provost Bangor
1864-11-01* Fredrick Hook Raid on Castine Castine
1864-11-30* Greenleaf T. Stevens Greenleaf Stevens Late Reporting Again Belgrade
1864-12-01 Edward P. Weston Civil War School Days Part 1 Gorham
1864-12-01* Edward P. Weston Civil War School Days Part II Gorham
1864-12-04* Charles A. Miller Miller Accounts for 2nd Maine Cavalry Rockland
1864-12-29* William Henry Leonard William Leonard Lied Taunton
1865-01-01* Cyrus Fenderson Cyrus Fenderson and the Construction Corps Wilton
1865-01-15* Grafton Norris Grafton Norris Complains Wayne
1865-02-02* William Lapham Lapham Meets Thomas Nast Woodstock
1865-04-19* William Wallace Noyes Profound Sorrow and Lincoln's Assassination Livermore
1865-04-25* Walter Goodale Morrill Walter Morrill and the 20th Maine Brownville
1865-05-11* Grafton Norris Grafton Norris in Richmond Wayne
1865-05-23* John D. Myrick 1st ME Cavalry - Battle Honors for Their Flag Augusta
1865-07-26* Jacob Clark Jacob Clark and Gray State Aid Gray
1866-02-23 Mary Bowen Mary Bowen's Pension Perry