Military Records

Researchers who are interested in Nineteenth Century military history as it affected citizens at the State and local level, and in Maine's participation in national military affairs, will find extensive resources available to them at the Maine State Archives. Here are some of the most prominent record series relating to this subject.

Civil War Records

Accounts, Correspondence, Photos, Chamberlain Letters, Muster Rolls

Military Records to Statehood in 1820

  • Prior to Maine Statehood - consult the Archives of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in Boston
  • War of 1812 - Maine Militia Rolls and Rolls of Maine men serving in the U.S. Regular Army
  • 1810-1817 - Annual Inspection Returns, Orders and Schedules
  • 1835 and 1838 - Revolutionary War Land Grants and Pension Applications

Office of the Adjutant General, 1820-1900

  • Records of General Orders and of Special Orders and the Official Correspondence of the Office of the Adjutant General
  • 1820-1861 - Militia rolls and rosters - In addition to providing insight into the peacetime administration of the State militia, these records also reveal Maine's response to the border troubles that led to the Aroostook War of 1839; to the Mexican War, 1846-1848; to the Civil War and to the Spanish-American War of 1898. Files relating to Spanish-American War veterans are also available; although proof of such service must be obtained from the National Archives in Washington, D.C.

World War I Resources

Records include Adjutant General's correspondence, personnel records, laws and resolves, and records of the Executive Council, among other valuable research and reference material.

Other Records Relating to Military History

Acts and Resolves - The accompanying papers to the original Acts and Resolves of the Maine Legislature, together with records of legislation that failed of enactment.

The records of the Maine Land Office contain information about the Aroostook War; most particularly the Diary and Letterbook of William Parrot, the Land Agent in charge of the civil force in Aroostook County during the dispute. See also The Record of Provender for Men Going to Aroostook County; and Copies of Letters and Papers Relating to the Aroostook Volunteers and the Governor.

Researchers should also consult the published Annual and Biennial Reports of the Adjutant General of Maine for the general background of the records of the Office.