Professional Genealogists

This list of private researchers will provide research services for a fee. Maine State Archives makes this list available to the public as a convenience, not as an endorsement of these particular individuals.

  • Robert E. Chenard - Specializes in Franco-American Research
    31 Pleasant St., Waterville, ME 04901
    (207) 649-2774
  • Lorenzo D. Eastman
    33 Parkwood Drive #203, Augusta, ME 04330
    (207) 215-2370
  • - We are the world's largest family history research firm in the world. We have over a team of 20 genealogists who live and work in Maine.  In all, we have more than 1,200 professional genealogists worldwide.  We also have hundreds of historians, private investigators, forensic scientists, DNA experts, university professors/scholars, and archivists working worldwide to provide whatever expertise you may require.  Contact us for a free consultation.
    (888) 509-1130
  • Andre R. Grimard, M.Ed.
    115 Mussey Street, So. Portland, ME 04106
    (207) 756-9695
  • Joan Hayden
    117 Park St., Farmingdale, ME 04344
    (207) 623-8237
  • Patricia A. Jordan
    391 Cave Hill Road, Waltham, ME 04605-8705
    (207) 299-4899
  • M. Kathryn Kelly - Genealogist since 1982, passionately specializing in early Maine families, their settlements and migration patterns from Europe to Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. Brick Walls, society applications such as Mayflower, SAR/DAR, etc. Old document transcription, abstracts, probate and deed research.
    Beach Swans Genealogy
    1233 Main Street, Half Barn Farm
    Hartford, ME 04220
    (207) 461-4700
  • Legacy Tree Genealogists - We are the highest client-rated genealogy research company in the world, and the official research partner of Each member of our core team has a family history or genetics-related university degree, professional accreditation, and/or ten-plus years of research experience. We have been working worldwide to find records for our clients for over a decade. Contact us for a free consultation.
    (801) 783-1277
  • Carol P. McCoy, Ph.D. - President, Maine Genealogical Society
    71 Willow Grove Road, Brunswick, ME  04011
    (207) 373-0318
  • Frances M. Raye - Washington County Genealogy
    410 Shore Road, Perry, ME 04667
    (207) 853-6630
  • Vicki J. Schad - Certified Municipal Clerk & Notary Public
    180 South Stanley Hill, Vassalboro, ME 04989
    (207) 923-3956
  • Peter M. Smith
    P.O. Box 62, South Gardiner, ME 04359
    (207) 582-3342
  • Mary-Alice Wildasin - Professional Genealogist
    2693 Day Lily Run, Lady Lake, FL 32162-2050
    (352) 391-1836