Records Management Forms

NOTE: All forms below are in Word format. They should be filled out electronically (typed in the Word document) and returned to specified email whenever possible. See below for further instructions. For complete information please refer to other pages on our site including: State Agency Records Officers & Assistants; State Agency Training and Resources; and Transferring Records - State Records Center & Archives.

Application for Records Retention Schedule and Records Series Inventory
The Application form is used to submit a new schedule or to amend an existing schedule/series. This form should be completed and signed by your Departmental Records Officer or Agency Head. It will be retained permanently at the Maine State Archives, so we do prefer original signatures but electronic signatures are also acceptable. The Records Series Inventory works in conjunction with the Application form. Complete a Records Series Inventory Form for each series you are submitting, and include samples of records to be scheduled (photocopies are fine, as well as redacted confidential information). Several Record Series may be listed on the same Application for Records Retention Schedule. Completed form(s) with samples can be sent either by interoffice mail or emailed to Records Management.
Records Officer/Cardholder Form
This form is used to assign Records Officers, Records Officer Assistants and any cardholders. You must be an approved cardholder ( or RO, ROA) before you are allowed access to agency records at the State Records Center. Requests not received from or signed by authorized personnel will not be processed. Please submit to Records Management.
Transmittal of Records and Transmittal of Records Continuation Sheet
These forms are used by agencies to send records to the State Records Center or Archives. They require authorization from an agency Records Officer or RO Assistant. If emailing, please submit to : Records Management or Archives Services. Requests will be filled in the order in which they are received. Please allow 2-4 weeks once transmittals are received for materials to be picked up.
Packing List
This form should be completed (as many pages as necessary) and enclosed in any box packed for transfer to the State Records Center or the Division of Archives Services. Keep a copy for your own records, listing each file in the box. If you have questions contact Records Management or Maine State Archives as appropriate.
Request for Reference Service
This form is used to request files from the State Records Center or Archives. Requestors must have an access card number to request files. Original archival records do not leave the building once they are under the authority of the Maine State Archives. Complete and email to Records Center.
Disposition Notification
When records have met their approved retention time per signed Record Retention Schedules, Records Management sends a Records Center Disposition Notification to the agency of record; to be approved and signed by the agency Records Officer. Agencies may also use this form as a guide (sample) when destroying records within the office (both paper and electronic) which need to be documented. These would only be records which have met retentions and are due for destruction according to approved retention schedules.