CCC Members Listing

Following is a list of members that we know about, their hometown and the camp in Maine where they worked during their service to the CCC. For more detailed information on Maine's CCC, see the Tributes.

CCC Members
Name Hometown Camp Name
Francis B. Henderson Starks Alfred
Emerson Seth Brown Grand Lake Stream Far East
James Edgar McCannell Old Town Select a Camp
James Edgar McCannell Princeton Eagle Lake
James E. McCannell Princeton Eagle Lake
Carroll L. Linnell Benton Jefferson
Robert Lawrence Ham Wales (Mail: Monmouth) Select a Camp
Willie "Bill" Gray Bridgton Cold River
Joseph N. Chaloult Caribou Princeton
Malcolm Earl Williams Waterville, Maine Patten
Frederick J. McNally Bridgton
Lloyd Goodspeed Hermon Unknown
Earl Clifford Hampden Unknown
Stacey, Norman Monroe Select a Camp
Van E. Hodsdon Stow, Me. Cold River
Philip E. Hodsdon Stow, Me. Cold River
Theodore "Teddy" Charles Ricker Old Orchard Beach, Maine Unknown
Frederick F. Light Somerville, Maine Cold River
Amos G. Gagnon Jay, Maine Alfred
Peter Gagnon Jay, Maine Unknown
Phillip Gagnon Jay, Maine Unknown
Denzil Arthur Bryant Sherman Mills, Maine Patten
Lionel H. Shaw Palmyra,Maine Jefferson
Adrien J. Cyr Frenchville, Maine Moosehead
Willis Bither Linneus, Maine Camden
Joseph Charette Fort Kent, Maine Great Pond
Otis A. Brown Caribou, Maine Baxter Park, Avalanche Brook
James Bernard Poole Princeton, Maine Unknown
Maynard E. Lombard Caribou, Maine Alfred
John Wm. Yates Alfred, Maine Alfred
Gilbert B. Thompson Waterboro Alfred
Laurent L Dutil Augusta Me Unknown
Abel Joseph Duplessis Van Buren Maine Bridgton
Edmund Lowe Falmouth Maine Cold River
Mallet "Andy" Anderson new sweden,me Patten
Herbert A. Clayter Vinalhaven Patten
Kenneth R Wiley Los Angeles, CA Unknown
Camille Joseph Beaulieu Spring Road,Augusta,ME Unknown
William P. Kick Waterville Alfred
James W. McCurdy Lubec, Maine Patten
Ernest E Findley Groveton NH Wild River
Paul Emile Ouellette Augusta Maine Unknown
Phillip Michaud Michaud Patten
Willard Laferriere Fort Kent, Maine Patten
Maurice Mills Murphy Portland, ME Unknown
Robert E Sylvester Brewer Select a Camp
Walter F. Tefft Bangor Far East
Joseph E W Lessard Gardiner Eagle Lake
Raymond McDougal, Sr. Fort Fairfield Eagle Lake
Howard Thomas Noble norridgewock, maine Patten
William H. Mitchell Monson Moosehead
James Edward Mitchell Sangerville Camden
Melvin R. Lawrence Fairfield, Maine Unknown
Leon J Voisine Fort Kent, Me Unknown
Goodine Frank G. Patten Unknown
James W. Green Orono Unknown
Galen R. Porter Sr. Monticello Great Pond
Willis Blake Saunders Houlton, Maine Moosehead
Simeon Bilodeau Biddeford Select a Camp
Winston A. Boutaugh Millinocket Maine Millinocket
Donald J. Hines ( duke) moxie gore Moosehead
Vinal Tainter Brooklin Millinocket
Kenneth R Wiley Los Angeles Eagle Lake
Albert T Hartley Caribou, ME Far East
Thompson, Loren o. Braintree, Ma. 02184 Alfred
Philip F. Wagner Madison Unknown
Charles R Mitchell Fayette Maine Patten
Woodrow R. York Smyrna Mills Jefferson
Richard Sawin Holt Norway Great Pond
Fred Edward Holt Norway Great Pond
Loren O. Thompson Jr. Braintree, Mass. Alfred
Ralph J. Mosher, Jr. Boston, MA Unknown
Ralph Hartley, Jr. Millinocket Baxter Park, Avalanche Brook and Foster Field
Velman E. Parsons Palmyra Moosehead
Cecil J Ricker Alfred, Maine Alfred
Melzard, Robert W. Roxbury Mass Alfred
John Harvey Joyce Stamford, CT Unknown
Claude R. Levasseur Augusta, Maine Eagle Lake
Joseph Edmund Lumsden Bangor Unknown
Warren M Howell Portland, ME Wild River
James H. Green Northport, Maine (born in Lubec) Unknown
Claude Jerome Daigle Fort Kent Maine Eagle Lake
Adrien Charette Fort Kent ME Patten
Carroll Wellman French Sr Waldoboro Maine Jefferson
Donald J.Webber Monroe, ME Unknown
Ernest Blair Newman Eastport, Maine Far East
Arthur R. O'Connor Portland, Maine Camden
Nelson O. Lessard Augusta Unknown
Richard l. Hazel South Portland Unknown
Ralph L. Maione North Providence, RI Rangeley
Otis Napolian LaBree Old Town Unknown
Clarence R. "Red" Rowe Center Stafford, NH Wild River
Euclide Ouellette FRENCHVILLE Eagle Lake
John H. Blair Gardiner, Maine Far East Princeton
Joseph Alcide Boucher Biddeford Beddington
Charles P. Colbath Ashland Moosehorn
Edward Thomas Pelletier South Portland Moosehead
John R King Portland Me Eagle Lake
James A Kearns BANGOR MAINE Unknown