Coming together with Rehabilitation Providers Project

The availability, structure and quality of employment services throughout the state have a direct impact on what the Bureau of Rehabilitation Services (BRS) is able to offer individuals with disabilities as they pursue their vocational goals. The Coming Together with Rehabilitation Providers (CRP) Project was formally launched in the Fall of 2011. The purpose of this CRP Project was to ultimately improve the employment outcomes of BRS clients and ensure that there was a maximum return on the resources invested in employment services for that purpose.

The CRP Project Steering Team, consisting of CRP and VR staff across the state, convened in October 2011 to discuss project strategies, timelines and issues. Through a series of brainstorming activities, the Steering Team identified strengths in the CRP services delivery system that could be leveraged, as well as areas for improvement. The Team prioritized this list and developed six work groups to develop recommendations in priority areas. The Steering Team compiled recommendations from the workgroups and presented them to BRS leadership in March 2012. These recommendations marked the end of Phase One of the CRP Project.

Phase Two of the CRP Project began April, 2012 and ran through January 1, 2013. In this phase, the recommendations approved by BRS leadership were piloted. The Steering Team monitored the progress of these pilots, made adjustments as indicated, and presented a report on final recommendations and outcomes. Please review the documents below that were produced throughout the project.

If you have questions or suggestions related to this project, please direct them to:

Elinor Weissman, Regional Manager
Division of Vocational Rehabilitation

Ph: (207) 596-2601

TTY: 1-888-212-6229




Karen Fraser, Director
Systems Improvement and Quality Assurance

Ph: (207) 623-7961

TTY: 1-888-755-0023

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CRP Project Groups

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