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Vendor Self Service (VSS)

What is Vendor Self Service?

The Vendor Self Service (VSS) web portal provides vendors with a single entry point to register, identify the commodities/services that their company provides, look for business opportunities and respond to solicitations.

Once a vendor registers, they can receive email confirmation for a new bid, cancelled solicitation, amendment, or notification of award.

The vendor will also be able to view commodity history, ask questions, and browse for awards.

If you need your password reset or need your login information, please call the VSS Help Desk at (207) 624-7889 or email VSS.helpdesk@maine.gov.  If you have general questions about VSS or about a specific solicitation, please call the Division of Purchases at (207) 624-7340. 

NOTE TO NON-BIDDING VENDORS: Vendor Self Service is for organizations registering and bidding on State of Maine business opportunities primarily for the purchase of commodities.

If you are an entity who needs to receive a payment from the State of Maine, but you are not bidding on a current business opportunity, then please click on the following link to “forms” on the website of the Office of the State Controller: http://www.maine.gov/osc/forms/index.shtml. From there, refer to the “Vendor” category of forms, and click on “Form Instructions” or “PDF” under item #3, “Vendor Activation/Change (aka State of Maine Substitute W-9)”.  The State of Maine department who is issuing the payment can assist you with this type of registration.

VSS How to Guides:

Production Environment (VSS)

System Requirements for Vendor Self Service (VSS)

Advantage 3.9

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  • Internet Explorer up to version 11
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  • If you are using a MAC, Safari versions 4.0 and higher are supported.

Any other web browsers not listed above, such as Google Chrome, are not supported. When using an unsupported browser, the website may not display correctly.

New Effective 12/18/14:

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