Board Meeting Minutes: May 1, 2014

STATE BOARD OF LICENSURE FOR PROFESSIONAL ENGINEERS Public Hearing on Proposed Change to Rule 02-322

Date and Location: May 1, 2014 at 4:00pm MaineDOT
Main Conference Room, Room 216 24 Child Street, Augusta, ME

Board members present: Clifton W. Greim, PE, Vice Chair Lawrence E. Bartlett, PE John Guimond, Public Member

Also present: David Jackson, Executive Director.

Meeting called to order: 4:00pm

Public comments:

Russell Martin, PE, Bath, ME Russell stated that he is retired from state government and has a small consulting firm in Bath. He is also the Secretary of the Maine Society of Professional Engineers, but is not empowered to speak for them, so is speaking on his own behalf. Mr. Martin congratulated the Board on the Rule revisions. He would have preferred to see an underline and strikeout version, but understood that since it was a complete repeal and replacement of the Rule, that would not work. Mr. Martin indicated that he read through the Rule and nothing jumped out as being onerous, so he offered his support.

Al Hodsdon, PE, Waterville, ME Al Hodsdon stated that he is a practicing engineer in Waterville. He stated he read the Rule and found the format to be easy-flowing. Mr. Hodsdon indicated he was discouraged that the Board has decided to discontinue the publication of the paper roster, although he understood the economics of the decision. Mr. Hodsdon noted that he thought the two Board meetings required per year in the Rules did not seem adequate to conduct the business of the Board. He recognized that this was not a rule change and that the Board, in fact, met several times a year, and concluded that the point was moot. Mr. Hodsdon indicated he would mirror what Mr. Martin had said about the rewording of the Rule, that it covers pretty much the same wording and rules as the old format. He didn’t think there were any major changes. He thought the Board did a good job of putting it together.

No further comments.


Upon motion by John Guimond and second by Larry Bartlett with unanimous vote in favor of adjournment, Vice-Chair Clif Greim closed the public hearing at 4:49 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

David W. Jackson Jr. Executive Director