Professional Land Surveyor Examinations


Professional Land Surveyor Examinations

Maine Specific Multiple Choice Exam Dates

April 12, 2019
Application Deadline:
March 1st
October 18, 2019
Application Deadline:
September 1st


Summary of the Parts of the Examination

Part I PLS - NCEES National Exam - Principles and Practice (PS) Is a 6-hour multiple-choice, closed-book NCEES exam to test your competence in the professional aspects of land surveying. This exam may include problems concerning principles of the profession (legal, technical, standards of professional conduct), property surveys, written instruments, monumentation, real property law, field surveying procedures, property survey descriptions, subdivision planning and design, deed descriptions and conveyance, surveying law, photogrammetry, surveying astronomy, cadastre, remote sensing, cartographic surveying, geodetic surveying, hydrographic surveying, construction surveying, architectural surveying and computations and adjustments. Electronic devices with "QWERTY" key pads may not be used.

Note: The Principles and Practice of Surveying Exam (PS) is administered electronically by NCEES. Candidates may sit for the PS exam prior to applying to the Board for licensure. To register for the PS exam you will need to establish a My Examination account with NCEES through their web site:

Part II PLS - Maine Specific Multiple Choice (MSMC) This exam is administered in April and October at the Board office in Gardiner, Maine. Candidates may sit for this exam prior to applying to the Board for licensure. Exam applications are available on the web site. Please see MSMC Suggested Study Materials for addtional information. Electronic devices with "QWERTY" key pads may not be used. A list of acceptable calculators is available at the NCEES web site:



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