Respiratory Care Trainees

Respiratory care practitioner means a person licensed as a respiratory therapist or as a respiratory care technician under this chapter. Respiratory care means the therapy, management, rehabilitation, diagnostic evaluation and care, administered on the order of a physician or surgeon, of patients with deficiencies and abnormalities affecting the cardiopulmonary system and associated aspects of other bodily system.

A respiratory care practitioner trainee shall not perform invasive procedures or procedures related to critical respiratory care, including therapeutic, diagnostic and palliative procedures. Respiratory care practitioner trainees shall only perform services under the on-site supervision of a licensed respiratory care practitioner

How to apply

  • License fee: $50.00
  • Criminal background check fee: $21.00
  • License expires upon graduation

General requirements for all applicants

  • Completed Application and fee
  • Completed supervisor's affidavit
  • Verification of enrollment in a respiratory care program
Apply Now

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Renewal fees and information

  • This License cannot be renewed


Last Updated: April 2, 2020