Frequently Asked Questions - Continuing Education

How do I know if the course has been approved by the Real Estate Commission?
Course sponsors are required to include a statement that the course has been approved by the MREC in all advertising/promotion of the course. You may also email or call the Commission before you take the course.

Am I supposed to receive a certificate at the conclusion of each course?
Yes. Approved course sponsors are required to issue a certificate that includes, at a minimum, a statement that the course has been approved by the Commission, the name of the course, the course number issued by the Commission, date of completion, the number of clock hours and the certificate must be signed by the course sponsor/instructor.

How do I know if I've completed a distance education course?
A distance education course is complete after the course sponsor scores the required examination to ensure the licensee achieved a grade of 85% or better and a course certificate with the completion date included has been issued.  A distance education course IS NOT complete when you send the examination to the sponsor. As noted above, the most prudent process is to wait until you receive the certificate confirming completion of the course with the completion date listed.

If I complete over 21 clock hours during my license term, can I use the extra hours for the next renewal term?
No. The 21 clock hours are a minimal number of hours. The continuing education hours completed for the renewal of your license may only be applied to that renewal cycle. You may begin earning clock hours toward your next renewal term on or after the issuance date of your license. Be sure to check the date on the license.

If I completed a core course a year ago, will that course count as the core course when I renew my license?
Not necessarily. Just because the course was the core course when you completed it does not mean that it will be the mandatory core course when you renew your license. The mandatory core course changes every two years or so. A new core course is usually offered for at least six months before it becomes the mandatory core course. During the six month period, licensees may complete either the current core course or the new course. Contact the Commission if you need to verify the name of the current core course.

Please CLICK HERE or call the Commission office - [(207) 624-8518] if you have a question about the mandatory core course.

I completed a National Association of Realtors “ethics” course to maintain my membership with the Association. Is this course approved for continuing education in Maine?
I'm licensed in several states in addition to Maine. If I complete courses in another state will those courses count toward my continuing education in Maine?

No. You may submit an individual continuing education approval application and fee to the Commission for review of courses you've completed in other jurisdictions. If the courses are approved, the clock hours earned will apply toward your continuing education requirement in Maine. Remember, you must receive notice of approval from the Commission before submit your renewal application.

What do I do if I have not completed all of my continuing education courses at the time my license expires?
You cannot renew your license until you have completed the required continuing education. There is a 90 calendar day period after your license expires in which you can first complete your continuing education; then submit a late renewal. You may not practice during the time the license is expired and you will be assessed a $50 late renewal fee in addition to the renewal fee.

If you cannot find the answer to your question, click HERE to send an e-mail message to the Real Estate Commission.


Last Updated: May 30, 2018