A Geologist is a person engaged in the practice of geology. Practice of Geology means the performance of geological work or service for the public, including, but not limited to, consultation, investigation, surveys, evaluation, planing, mapping or inspection of geological work, wherein the performance is related to the public welfare or the safeguarding of life, health, property and the environment.

How to apply

  • Application fee of $25.00
  • License fee of $170.00
  • Criminal background check fee of $21.00
  • Annual (December 31st)
  • Be a graduate of an accredited college or university with a major in geological sciences, or have completed 30 credits in geological sciences at an accredited college or university, or have at least 7 years of professional geological work which shall include either a minimum of 3 years of professional geological work under the supervision of a qualified geologist or a minimum of 5 years of responsible charge of geological work;
  • Have acquired 7 years of experience in responsible charge of geological work, toward which an undergraduate degree with 30 credits hours or more in geological science courses shall count as 2 years of training and each year of graduate study in the geological sciences shall count as 1/2 year of training, up to a maximum of 2 years of credit; and
  • Receive credit toward the experience requirement subject to the evaluation of the board. Applicants with less than 30 credit hours in geological science courses may be given proportional work-experience credits for such academic credit hours as they may have acquired.
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Renewal fees and information

  • Annual renewal fee $170.00
  • Renews annually on December 31st
  • A late fee of $50.00 is assessed for licenses renewed after the license expiration date.
  • Any person who submits an application for renewal more than 90 days after the expiration date shall be subject to all requirements governing new applicants.
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  • Fill out the online renewal application and submit.

    The Department must verify that you have met all the conditions for renewal before your license is renewed. Online submission of your renewal application should not be construed as automatic renewal of your license.


Last Updated: October 16, 2019